Follower Protection, "Bleedout" system if you will

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now.

With the leveling systems introduction FC added a venue for us to become more attached to our companions in addition to the gameplay layer of strengthening them.

I wont lie, I become attached to my followers. With the nerfs coming (HP and Damage) and no word of Enemy Balance passes, it sounds like they’ll be dying a lot more.

Now, regardless of whether that is the case or not, I’d still like to see a Bleedout mechanic added for followers. I’m imagining a new animation added for Thralls and a few for Pets that has them lying on the ground. When a follower reaches 0 hp, they enter this state instead of dying.

While like this, anyone considered an owner can interact with them, adding them to their inventory as a 100 weight item. While turned into an item, they’d have a decay timer of 30 minutes. If it expires so do they.

In their downed state, they’d have 1-2% of their max HP. Only PvP damage can deplete this HP, depleting this HP will kill them.

In order to save said follower, they have to placed down can only be placed on owned land.
When placed they have 1 HP, and will die instantly if they hit 0HP. To restore their second chance, they have to reach 100% HP.

Ive tried to balance this for both PvP and PvE play. Wadda you guys think?

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I don’t know how it would work with pvp players but I sure wish I could have saved my greater sabertooth over the weekend.

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Check the stream, but i do believe there is something of a revive of followers. They lose some max hp i believe each time.


Id support this, especially if thralls ever hit the 1 hitter quitter status again. When that happened we went up against a clan with a 1 hitter that had rediculous hp. When the opportunity finally came in the war we took him out using our best dalinsia… i renamed her the breaker of X(so i dont offend anyone) and placed her outside there base. I dont think ive ever had another thrall as effective and it took many to get him. I understand attachment but sometimes its very strategic for them to die.

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Exactly my point. Theres still risk in PvP they way Ive set it up, as there always should be. If you arent able to scoop your follower up, theyre gonna die. Even if you do, 1HP to 100% is a fairly hefty wait before you’ve got their minor PvP protection back.

In PvE, you’re more able to take risks against bosses and hordes without being maxed out with the best healing food.

I’d love to admittedly, but Im more of a highlights guy. Do you maybe have a timestamp?

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