Force a Meteor Shower Server Command

Is there a command to force a meteor shower?

I can’t seem to find and reference to one. Just like the StartNextPurgePhase.


This is a must for a small group server. Since the star metal ore is so hard to come by. I dislike having to spawn in star metal ore just because we can’t spend 8 hours waiting for it to fall. Note that I did wait like an hour for it to fall after reaching level 60 and getting the star metal crafts but it never fell. Spawning a meteor shower would be great, and a good way to get a small group to go looking for it.

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I spent yesteday and today waiting 5 hours combined for it to fall. For all this time I got 3 meteor showers from which I found 5 together. I dont know how many meteors fall combined so I used fly to look around but couldnt find any more.

As a singleplayer the star metal gathering is the most gruesome because you can just sit and wait for hours until you hear the noise that one is actually falling. For everything else you can grind and farm it and feel like you make progress but the star metal is just waiting sometimes for 5 hours until one falls. It is completely random and just boring. I think in 2 full weeks playing I managed to gather 700 star metal bars in total only. In the same time I made 20k hardened steel.

A command for some to fall would certainly be helping out alot. I would mess around for an hour or two and see if one falls and if nothing happens I would spawn one in.


Yes, agree, while it’s not a fix, but just a help and a step in the right direction.

I didn’t see any fallen meteore on singleplayer and on my server since the first patch after lauch. And i was realy used to run after it, and know the places they should fall. But like described by many posters previously, you can waite hours and days without a shower at all.

I don’t know how it’s acting now on very populated servers, but at least on singleplayer and smaller server is realy a problem to get starmetal right now.

Something that could be done is a sort of station or altar that would help predict the rough time when a new meteor would fall. You could pretty it up with saying that the god help you predict when a meteor shower will hit. I know that star metal is supposed to be rare but to roughly know when you can check around to see where one falls would be a big help.

In my experience the spawn of meteors and the meteor shower are not connected.
Spawnrate is low, and i have only seen a meteorshower 1 time, but harvested star metal many times.

I think the shower is nice and cool to watch, but is not directly connected to the nodes showing up.

Ive found nodes in the weirdest places, and if they are not harvested they will not respawn in a more lootable place, just like other nodes, if you dont loot them they will not respawn.

So, if youre unlucky, the nodes are in a difficoult place to both see and harvest, and therefore the problem persists.

Just my 2 cents on the matter, as i have see meteors in wery unatural places, and after i looted them they have respawned somewhere else after a long while.
Timer is certainly not fast, so be sure to find them and loot them, look everywhere:)

I watched meteor showers 2 times come down and saw them land right whre the trails left off. From my experience they always land where they fall. Last night one fell right through my roof and into my house.

Pippi mod has a place in admin panel to start a shower. I’ve never used it so I cannot attest to how well it functions. The mod is updated very often and everything else works so I would assume it functions. Also I have heard that a restart will trigger one. Many have stated that if you exit while in the general area, it will start when you reenter the game.

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Thanks for the info. I don’t use mobs ATM but may do in the future.
Whilst we still have so many issues, I didnt want every error I reported to be dismissed as being caused by the mods.

I hear ya. You could always crank up the harvest rate, enable the mod, load up, get it all home then uninstall :joy:

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As server admin on a Role Play PvE-C server, we just built a shop and sell Star Metal ingots for gold coins to the other players. This works ok for now and the players still need to work for them. thanks

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I agree having Meteor shower command could help a lot especially went you try to find out is the patch causing the star metal not spawning, and I tired to wait an hour just to show up.
This is what I find recently, stat metal spawn without the shell.