Foundation crafting

This goes for Walls, Cielings, ect.

I wish the bench was the base starting item, and it was required to build foundations with.

Primarily my thoughts on this is because when i want too make 2,000 foundations after an hour of farming i have to waste time standing around. :frowning:

(Why not both?)


I understand why are you asking, but to have to craft a bench before a low level character is able to build his first shelter is not realistic.

Plus you prefere to pre-build, I prefere to have the materials with me and build directly in the place.

So can I suggest to add a bench to do it as you asked but without eliminating the possibility of handcrafting ? :wink:

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Low level character can craft fiber armor and stone tools out in the wild, but have to craft and place blacksmiths and armorer benches to craft more complex tools and armor.

Yeah, complex tools and armors, sandston foundations are not complex, are tier 1.

wy not do it like this sandstone crafteble in inv

and everyting(and sandstone too) above in the artis bench ore somting new would make a lot of people happy

There a plenty of places you can go to be in a shelter without building anything. But i do see your point.

But i also see a point at level 5 you can start crafting these in a bench (and not be 850% over encumbered) when trying to craft, and the bench is very easy to manufacture.

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