FPS drop when bleed or cripple effect happens in combat (while locked on to target)

Since the latest update when the bleed or gripple effect happens on an enemy while locking on to the target, I get about 5 fps (it seems) until I manage to hit the lock off button! Which involves me spamming said button until im lucky enough to hit it between frames.

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It’s worse when you use a pike. They need to hotfix it this weekend. And absolutely push the patch. Hard.

Ye I use a spear, havnt tried other weapons tbh. Hopefully they sort it soon.

It also happens with swords (cripple) and is horribly with daggers (massive bleeds).
It happens also on PC.

It happens to me as well, but i’ve never been able to pinpoint the cause of the lagginess. It also happens frequently with me on the “Mound of the Dead” skeletons

Ya I to have noticed this I use 2 hand Dragon bone sword
But only happens when locked on in my experience
On the plus side I noticed since last patch npcs aggro properly but haven’t tested any of my fighters or archers as of yet

Sad that whatever those debuffs do, bugs the game out.

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