Froob payed now frooze

i was a froob player i subed payment was approved but it frooze my account.

I’m sorry to hear your account was frozen.

Sometimes, there’s a short delay of up to 15 minutes before the system finishes updating with your most recent account status. Waiting 15 minutes and then trying again will usually allow you to log in normally. If this doesn’t help, submit an email ticket through and we can assist you more directly.

i have sent in an e-mail ticket. its been 24hr’s now

Our general wait time for email tickets is over 24 hours, so this shouldn’t be any cause for concern or alarm.

If you’d like me to check your specific email ticket’s status, just to be safe, please DM me the ticket number and I’ll be happy to check on it for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

day 3 now well past 24hr’s

cause for alarm is they took my money and emediatly froze my account