Full set of Ejathos on a froob?

I am looking for a guide or a link or something that shows if its possible to get a full set of ejathos on a froob. I remember seeing something on the old forums but I cant find it.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think a full set is possible…

Here’s the setup I used to equip helm->pants->gloves on an atrox enf.
(use miy pants to equip helm first)

And with with gauntlet buff, behe, ic, fg, comp attrib, cookie I got:
Sta: 512 (base) + 10 + 27 + 20 + 12 + 2 + 291 (setup) = 874
Agi: 480 (base) + 10 + 25 + 12 + 2 + 221 (setup) = 750

There’s room for a little improvement. You could use +5 stims instead of cookie (not sure if they stack?), org contracts, a little higher imps, and opifex gets +32 more of the needed stats.
But would it be enough to offset the loss from 2x micro-kinetic sleeves and miy tank chest+boots though? If so, it would be damn close!

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Ejathos is clan, I dont know how wearing those bracers is possible if I am trying to put on a sided specific armor (clan in this case).

The clan equivalent is Grand Armband of Agility.

Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves also have a clan equivalent: De-Hacked Frederickson Micro-kinetic Sleeves.

Odd, that one also says omni according to link, but on auno it says clan. Which one is in error?

When there is a difference, you may assume aoitems is right and auno is wrong, because it has not been updated since 2012.

The requirement on the Armband is:
Side != Omni

Which stands for:
Side is not Omni

Which means clanners and neutrals can wear this.

Cool thank you for clarifying, I am not familiar with AOitems.

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I really should make an update to it, but here’s what I’ve done in the past for this calc:

So the skull of the ancient item, how easy is that to get nowadays? It seems I would have to reroll a froob to get it now.

Just running some half assed numbers here, but as of today it still does not seem possible to get a full set on.

All but one sleeve, 200 Opifex:

Requirements: 750 Agility, 871 Stamina;


Agility: 544 Base
+12 Composite Attribute
+25 Feline Grace
+10 Gauntlet Buff
+2 Extruder Nutrition Bar
+5 Hercules’ Olympic Pills (They stack with Extruder)
+18 QL250 Agility contract
+142 Equip

Stamina: 480 Base
+12 Composite Attribute
+20 Iron Circle
+27 Essence of Behemoth
+10 Gauntlet Buff
+2 Extruder Nutrition Bar
+5 Herc’s Pills
+18 QL250 Stamina contract
+313 Equip

With Helm, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and replacing boots, you get +6 Stamina; 893 Total.
One kinetic sleeve can be replaced with Enhanced Biodome. (893 - 22 = 871)


Hey man, good job and thank you for the information.