Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

Codemage actually came up with an alternative likely without even realizing it.

Change the rules to say “dont block in game content” and have issues be dealt with on a case by case basis since like Ive said “technically” blocking rocks and trees falls under broken rules. Just like “technically” blocking off the brimstone lake does too.

Make the rule dont block off content and thats a pretty safe, clear and concrete rule in my mind. Can you think of any issues people may come up with to get around that?

Lol, yes, whats a rare spawn in Conan as far as resources go, referring to Exiled Lands since Siptah is more evenly distributed and easier to farm on.

Brimstone, the most likely to be blocked? Multiple caves, chests, thralls and underwater areas to farm.
Demon blood? Nope
Trees, rocks, iron etc? Nope
Gold and silver? Nope - heres something people likely dont use - gold and silver rocknose. Build a farm.

So what do you call a rare resourse?

So your rule set is exactly like official Funcom servers, all settings are exactly the same, there are no mods, and youve never had to even go so far as to delete spam, unblock areas or anything like that?

If the answer is no, did you ever think that maybe its because…wait for it…your an ACTIVE ADMIN? Something Funcom lacks? Could you imagine how much less rule breaking there would be with that? (Im aware thats a topic for another discussion) People are less inclined to break rules if they know someone is actually watching them.

And I guess I can end it with this - Ive been told as have many others that if we dont like the way Funcom runs their servers we can go solo, private or get our own server. Which is indeed 100% true. But here we are on a topic about Funcoms officiating of official servers, and we have a private server owner and admin chiming in…

Maybe everyone should take the “go play on a private server and leave the officials and their business alone” advice.

How did people ever survive in Early Access? Add round the clock raiding too!

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I agree, and fix the dbd to make pvp raid server true. 1 hour after last clan member logs off, offline protection. Make it about survival. If I log 8n to farm, then I should be weary of getting raided. Current system of 19 hours free raid time, then hide behind spammed webbing is what killed the raid mechanics of the game.

Most have. And I honestly believe the game would be better off if everyone did ditch this ‘official server’ nonsense. We have seen changes and patches and drama from only 1/8th of the entire playerbase.

It doesn’t take much to see this. Look at the general forums, look at the threads making complaints. 9 times out of 10, its an official player. They are by orders of magnitude more likely to have some sort of issue, bug, balance, server performance, bullying, or infraction than their representation in the whole community.

Did Funcom screw up? Yes they did. Big time started in 2017. Here’s where they went wrong:

  1. Offered official servers past Beta (kinda makes sense to offer a few in beta for people to test).
  2. Made them with G-portal.
  3. Made more officials after launch.
  4. Made officials on console.
  5. Made more officials for Siptah

If they didn’t do those five things, we wouldn’t see even 10% of the complaints as we usually do on a daily basis. We’d see pretty much just people sharing character builds, buildings, and other cosmetic style stuff mostly.

But no, official servers keep us from having nice things because they are wallowing pit of despair where players sit in misery playing a broken experience.

Nearly every thread I see in this forum when a problem or issue is brought up is happening because the player is on an official server. Where they wouldn’t have said problem on a private server. Or if they would, it would be heavily mitigated.

So, kinda like this?

But without the “such as” part?

I mean, it’s not like I’m opposed to removing a non-exhaustive list of examples, but that’s the literal opposite of:


There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t misunderstand you.


Yes, official forums for official servers. Makes sense to me. It should be a place for people to talk, discuss, debate and so on about the official game.

Again, private and or modded games have the ability to change the game as they see fit, and jumping into threads on official topics really doesnt offer much.

Remove the “resources” part of the current rules does make it alot more clear. In fact, rewrite that rule to merely say “Dont block in game content”

Solid rule, less grey areas alot easier to police.

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Seems like they’re policing it well enough as it is now.

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That’s a pretty elitist attitude to have. “You don’t play my way so your opinion doesn’t matter.” Sorry Nemisis, but you could learn a lot from people who play a different style than you simply because they have different experiences and points of view. Furthermore the developers encouraged the community to create mods since the game was in early access to to assume that people who play using mods have a “lesser opinion” than you is utter nonsense. The forums were never created for “official server users only” or any other dribble like that. Sorry but you are talking out of your arse here and I think even you know that you are.


Also the argument about ‘resources’ isn’t just disingenuous but also ridiculous. Easier to police? Like you’re suggesting a Funcom Admin doesn’t know the difference between a branch and a rare spawn? I can assure you they do. Everyone does. Including those who claim not to.

As I said, I believe people like Nemisis are actually quite smart. But in this case, they’re not as clever as they think they are.

When you stop nitpicking about rules or regulations and just press on, owning up to your mistakes, and taking personal responsibility for your actions. You have a much more fun time.

I’ve been playing online games for more than twenty years and have never gotten actioned by an admin in game for bad behavior. I wonder if the same could be said of those who have been actioned recently? Mistakes once in a while is one thing. But I’d reckon there is patterns in some people.

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That’s literally not changing the rules, and is the opposite of what you’ve been arguing for. ‘Case by case basis’ is how it is currently handled. (And as @CodeMage points out - removing the ‘such as’ part from the existing rules, makes it more vague, not less.)

As for ways to get round that rule - if it’s ‘case by case’ - as it currently is and I have repeatedly argued it needs to stay - then there isn’t much of a way around it, since it relies on a human to judge each individual instance and decide whether it falls one side of the grey area or the other. That’s the point I keep making.

If you want to use that as a ‘concrete rule’, then it would not be on a ‘case by case’ basis - it would be a concrete rule. Then you would have a situation where anyone blocking any content (eg the proverbial single stick) would be subject to ban, because they would have broken the concrete rule.

You’ve argued intelligently throughout our conversation, and do seem to be trying to be reasonable - so I’m genuinely confused here. I do not understand how you think your proposed rule has any meaningful difference from the existing rule? And I do not understand how you can consider this a ‘concrete rule’ if it is simultaneously a ‘case by case’ basis - since they are literal opposites…

Most of the additional debate you are having with others I’m going to leave alone (or try to :wink: ), but I do want to comment on the ‘official servers for official players’ suggestion - I presume you mean as a sub-category rather than the whole forums? But the problems with the idea remain even then. It all comes back to the same basic point that changes called for by ‘official’ players affect all players (mods may be able to fix some things, but they do not fix everything). If we take the old ‘fixed build limits’ suggestion as an example - some ‘official players’ are calling for it (some aren’t) but if there was no opposition, and no voice from any ‘non-official player’, then Funcom would likely introduce it across the board. One of the key reasons Funcom often offer settings/sliders for these sorts of things is precisely because they get to see that the issue is controversial and wanted by some but opposed by others. (This is the exact same problem as when PVPers want PVEers not to be allowed to speak on a given subject, or PVEers want PVPers not to speak.) We all have different opinions, and different wants and needs for the game, that is why everyone that plays the game should have the right to speak on a given subject.


The rules can’t specify what you’re asking for, because simple numerical limits like that won’t solve any problem. Instead of repeating and rehashing what has already been explained in various posts in this thread, I’ll just point you to one of those posts: click here to read it.


Yeah well, I don’t really care, I could write and ask but I didn’t realize that you simply cannot landclaim this much as before, it wasn’t the biggest landclaim but still some, so as we didn’t mesh, or blocked any resources I can only assume the reason of a ban, what leave me with abusing landclaim system.

But still I want pictures of examples of what’s not allowed in future to build so I can avoid it, and avoid a ban, I just wanna be informed, I know already that landclaiming like before isn’t gonna work, I can understand stacking fence foundations and abusing building system and causing loss of performance is also not tolerated. All that I know, I wanna know more, what else, examples please.

I also know, no matter how stupid it is tor me, that funcom will NOT ban anybody who wasn’t reported, even if their landclaim is beside the one which they wiped and belonged to people they ban :joy::see_no_evil:

For example questions which I would like to know the answer to, if I build on the tower or in the passage, and need some anticlimb, I am gonna surround the game building with at least one line of anti climb to prevent enemy to climb to my base. Is this allowed? And if it is, how many lines, layers of anticlimb is allowed? 2? 3? 10? Can I build my whole towers with anticlimb? We see so many apex bases with anticlimb from the bottom to top, how is this being looked at? This is just one of the examples which I would like to know. Is this abusing building system? Is this causing loss of performance? How can I check it and know it? Etc etc.


I agree. I wish we would have more players post examples of what got them banned. FC can’t provide this to us without opening themselves up to “rules lawyering” so it will have to come from us. Not to involve people not interested, but @Barnes has posted pictures of their base and has stated that they believe FC admins have inspected them for infractions. That is a valuable data point in my mind. Alone it’s not enough to make a judgment on what is allowed, but it is a start. If you have pictures of a FC demolish base please post it! - but don’t make it a public trial or mods will close the thread.

Sorry @Barnes to bring you up if this subject is of no interest to you. But also:


We definitely had fence foundation stacking and landclaim around what I said I understand might be a reason of the ban. Now I am building in same base spot which is Deserter’s Gutter, and I am not stacking fence foundations but do something different yet similar, and I don’t know if it’s allowed either… I’m attaching picture of how I did it this time. I defintely need to make it harder for the enemy to get in… 3 gates will do nothing in here lmao…


I’m fine to be a data point here. I think it’s important to note a couple of things: as a solo I would not have built any of the extra buildings on my server. I’d have had my Conspicuous Thrall Base near the Galleon and my Big Rock Candy Mountain where the cake box lives. I own all of that, but to me, it’s “playing the game,” which I began last May. It seems/seemed a suitable way to operate in a forward manner while having my back to the green wall.

That said, my brother left me the Calista Flockhart of T1 bridges before he abandoned the server, and despite my best efforts it was the thing that wouldn’t die. So I corrected her scoliosis, dressed her up and put her on the Argossean Weight Gain regimen and that bridge is just stunning. At the end of it I built a nestled-in mini-castle, wholly unprotected.

In other words, we’re not all our brother’s keepers here. But even with my RP and profligacy I’m still under 7,500 pieces.


And yet we see plenty of times in the forums people telling those that play on officials that if they arent happy with the way things are, to go play solo, private or get their own server. How is that any different?

I merely said that, because some of the people replying here have said that exact thing.

Here again you use “rare spawn” as an example of a resource. Define it. Youre creating a grey area yourself by saying this.

Just over ten years for me and the same. The point isnt if you or I have been banned or not, its how clear you make the rules for the player base so said rules arent broken. “Dont block resources” in a map literally so full of resources you cant walk for more then 5 feet in any direction without finding a resource is a terrible way of explaining the rule. Yes, specifics do matter.

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If I say “you can play solo or private if you don’t like official servers”, I’m disagreeing with your opinion. If I say “official forums should be for official servers”, I’m denying you the right to express your opinion. That’s how it’s different.

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