Funcom apparently doesn’t understand that the players have at least been its customers

You really shouldnt use one line from my reply and think thats all of it…because I never said that, nor implied it.

Its the point that what one person calls one thing decorative and another thing spam, the next person might say the opposite.

Hey, do you need any WD-41? 'Cause the wheels on your goalposts are squeaking from so much movement…

Now we’re suddenly talking about this topic alone, not forums? Come on, man, make up your mind.

Not that it matters that much, because silencing people who don’t belong to your group is still different from disagreeing with them.

It’s pretty much the same thing as PVP players telling PVE players to stay out of PVP discussions. No, thanks, because PVP discussions contain suggestions for changes that affect PVE players and they should have the opportunity to explain how they would be affected and what they think about it.

Or a PC player chiming in on a PS4 thread, because sometimes comparing how things work on different platforms can give people new ideas.

Or, in this case, people who play on private servers offering their opinion on official server rules, because maybe some of them went to private servers because of rampant spam and griefing, i.e. because rules weren’t being enforced enough.

That’s the essence of why you can’t claim that “I disagree because you can play differently” and “you shouldn’t even talk here” are the “exact same thing”. They’re not. They’re very different.


Ahahah. Yes, now we can play only with a secret base. All time people report 4 revenge and funcom ban easy 4 all. Lol

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we are a 3 player clan. we have been playing this game since day 1. now i live in terror of being banned for building a sturdy base in a pvp server. this thing is crazy in my opinion. I have not blocked any major treasures or obelisks. but looking at the posts of people banned for nothing this thing scares me. I don’t want to throw away 4 years of play for raiding the wrong one it signals

We have trials to determine whether someone committed the crime, and to resolve the grey area of exactly which crime they may have committed. That is decided by human judgement on a case by case basis - which is what I have been arguing all along was necessary (and I have literally explained this point to you, in regards to court cases, already).

You are now arguing that up is down and black is white.

The current rule states:

You want to change that to ‘Blocking of content’ - the only change that makes is to remove the examples, and make the rule more vague. More vague is the literal opposite of more concrete.

You claim that the current vagueness of the rule allows for ‘rules-lawyering’ such as reporting people for blocking a single stick (technically) - except that under the current system, each case is judged by a human on a case by case basis, which means that such frivolous reports will be ignored. Whereas, as I have explained so many times I am sick of it, a concrete rule is a rule that is absolute - if you say ‘do not block content’ is a ‘concrete rule’ then you are saying there is no case by case basis, anyone that blocks any content is bannable - then you literally have made it so people can be banned for blocking a single stick.

You claim that the current rules create ‘grey areas’ and that this is a bad thing, despite the fact that I’ve pointed out to you over and over that is the whole point - the ‘grey areas’ are there to allow human judgement to decide each instance on a case by case basis. Yet your suggested replacement is to make it more vague, which creates more grey area. I am fine with that, but it is the exact opposite of everything that you claim to be arguing for.

Ultimately, the system you describe is a more vague version of the current system. I’m fine with that, since it still allows the Funcom admins to decide each case, on a case by case basis; using human judgement to judge each individual case, rather than trying to apply a single blanket rule to all. It’s just the opposite of everything you have said you are arguing for.

So long as you define the rule you want as ‘don’t block content’ and decided by Funcom admins on a case-by-case basis (ie the current system), I’m not going to argue. But every time you bring up the term ‘concrete rules’, I’m going to argue because there is always a danger that Funcom might listen and institute actual concrete rules (such as build piece limit, or no base may be bigger that 10x10x10 etc - those would be examples of actual concrete rules, and as has been repeatedly explained would be disastrous).

You’ve misunderstood my point about the official forums vs sub-category point. I wasn’t suggesting it as an idea, nor was I suggesting it would solve anything. I was pointing out that I assumed you couldn’t possibly be arguing that only players on official servers should have a right to use the forums. because that would be completely unreasonable (it becomes more apparent as we go on, that was exactly what you meant). I also made it clear that even if it was a sub-category, people would still have every right to express opinions on changes being called for. We all play the same game, and changes made to the game affect all of us. Every time you call for ‘concrete rules’ you increase the possibility that Funcom might decide to introduce some sort of concrete rule, such as fixed piece limits or build sizes, and that will affect all of us. Therefore we have every right to argue against it. Exactly the same as when people call for yet another item to be nerfed, it affects all of us so all of us have the right to speak out against it.


If he thinks a branch is a resource, then let’s put that to the test and report his bases on Zendesk. If he wants to claim that’s how the rules are stated, then let’s allow the admin to judge his bases accordingly.

Yet your statement here is contradicting itself. You are clearly stating that you want to silence people and for one very specific reason. The people you want to silence are the ones who actually understand the rules and have been explaining them, which you do not want to hear or acknowledge. You want to be able to control the narrative and skew it to suite your ends, even though you know full well that you are being disingenuous at best. Which leads me back to my first replay to you.

And that is still 100% the truth. You clearly do not care about anyone else’s opinion as long as you can push your narrative along. Because anyone else who plays anything other than your version of “official conan exiles” is “lesser than”.

Again, you “claim” that “sure, those ‘others’ can have their paltry say on this but since mods can change anything at all they really shouldn’t bother to”. Sorry no. Not everyone who plays on a private server plays with mods. Not everyone who plays solo uses mods. Heck, not everyone who uses mods uses so many or those specific mods that alter the game to the point that you are suggesting.

And there you have it. Segregate those “others” to anywhere other than the official forums because they shouldn’t be allowed on your “elite” forums for you “elite” official server players.

Except that any resources Funcom puts towards addressing this perceived problem, are resources that slow down the rest of development. You don’t have to play on officials to grasp the idea that following the ToS is not rocket science. They are pretty clear and if you find yourself tying your logic in knots to excuse your behavior in game, that should clue you in that you are violating the ToS, if not directly, then the spirit of the ToS in which they are laid out. Anyone who can’t understand how to avoid running affoul of the rules is a lost cause imo.


Remove your landclaim, don’t block passages coz it can, as well as everything else, be considered as blocking in game content, and report other clans for landclaim, stacking for building system abuse and blah blah, it’s easier than raiding atm :joy: funcom doesn’t know limits. Seems like they doesn’t know how this game works for actual players. They gonna get us all ban and then half of us won’t be able to play or will be demotivated enough to change to ark or minecraft if they gonna keep banning us for such a silly reasons :joy:

Everything now could be considered as breaking rules they way they wrote them :woman_shrugging:t3: and all I want is for them to clarify. I would ban you all if I would check your bases and could refer myself to their rules, I would definitely find at least one rule which I can stick to you :joy: that’s probably how it is as well, somebody sittng in front tv or pc, checking servers and their case to case based judgment is actually based on their mood, like „did I have a nice romantic night today? Yes so let’s leave them be and enjoy this evening like I did”, or no „I didn’t have a nice romantic evening because nobody love me so I hate everyone, BAN BAN BAN FOR THESE 10 foundations in wrong place !1!1!1!2!!!1!!.”

Kinda that’s how it looks for me.
No don’t tell me it’s probably not, Idgaf really, it’s just my vision and you won’t change it as long as you are not from funcom administration.

I obviously know that there are people who deserve a ban, when they really block obelisks, whole brimstone lake or any resource spawn which is rare, or if they undermesh, for landclaim spam for no reason meaning away from any base, or if one clan claimed half of the map for mutliple bases or not but banning for some landclaim around the one singular base…. I would also understand if this landclaim is really huge even if around the base but seriously, 20 - 30 blocks away from base should be sort of allowed… depedning obviously how big the base is but you can’t defend it if it doesn’t fit in one or two god bubbles, so maybe that could be some sort of limit too, so again we have something to know the limit. It’s again, just an example.

Personally I didn’t see anything wrong with old rules, what was wrong was Funcom’s response time. People felt like they can do whatever they want without any major consequences. If admins would be actually checking the servers like this before it also would be different. Now, Imho, they overuse the power…


These are the old rules - there have been no substantial changes, just some slight rewording. There’s been no meaningful changes at least as far back as April 2020 (over 18 months):

The only significant change has been Funcom’s response time - they now respond much faster.

Yes. People got used to the rules not being enforced. And then didn’t believe Funcom when Funcom gave warning that the rules would start being enforced.


Yep! Ironically, this whole thing is the result of endless complaining about how Funcom sucks at enforcing their own rules :roll_eyes:

And that’s how we got to have a thread that is now approaching 500 messages and is still full of people repeating the same over and over and over and over.

I really think this is something that Funcom should’ve handled better in terms of communication, by e.g. hosting a dev stream or an AMA to let people know that they’re getting really serious about enforcing certain rules.

That, of course, does not excuse any of the rampant dishonesty in this thread. I mean, seriously, I try to give people the benefit of a doubt, but when you have someone saying that they don’t really care to know why they were banned in the same post where they assert that Funcom admins are banning people for doing a specific thing, that’s just plain old dishonesty.


Estimated 100 of these posts belongs to you, not really talking about the topic but just pointing out they’re wrong in your opinion and also repeating yourself. You don’t forget also to remind them they can’t understand what they read when most of the time you don’t try to understand what they mean even if they point it out to you mutltiple times coz you get fixated about one thing only and all time trying to prove them wrong and yourself right and loosing the main point. Kinda like you just wanna argue and do it all just to argue. And most of your posts are about picking on people not really talking about game. Little hater and hipocrit here.

Sorry my bad, it’s only 70 yet a TOP1! Almost twice more than TOP2 :joy:

By writting they didn’t change much, but I don’t remember Funcom banning people just for some landclaim around their bases when they finally logged into the reported server.

Man seriously, get off me, and stop getting fixated about one thing for next 50 post please :joy: I already said why I don’t care, you either didn’t read or didn’t understand AGAIN.

I know what I did, I don’t need to have it on paper to prove it to you, or does it gonna let you sleep better in the night that I know specifically why I got myself banned?

I don’t even see the point of discussing this specifically with you, you don’t bring any good advices, propositions or give good answers you just keep picking on people and quote them over and over again if you find something you can prove them wrong and shine yourself even if they’re not really wrong, just have different opinion than yours. Accept it, don’t have repeat yourself all the time. I don’t tell you you should change your mind and agree with me, I also don’t post stuff directly and only to you to pick on you because of that, I was answering to a different person there with similar point of view as mine :).

People loose the point of discussion when there is so much unnecessary talk and some sort of personal issues with self esteem to be always right. But we can keep picking on each other off topic and raise the numbers, definitely motivating others to read it all when they can’t even get a proper answer to their question, only to be told off for not understanding something, aren’t we here to discuss what’s unclear or we gonna just criticise each other? Don’t be toxic, try to be helpful, and if you wanna share your opinion you can do it without criticising other players what would save us a big number of these post and maybe not trigger others into argument.

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I don’t need you to prove anything to me. And I also don’t care why you got banned. That’s between you and Funcom.

You made an assumption about why you got banned, an assumption you didn’t even bother to try verifying, and now you’re using that assumption to tell people how Funcom admins hand out bans based on their mood at the moment:

And then you call me a hater and a hypocrite.

There’s not a lot of “advice” to be given on this thread. The most obvious advice that applies – don’t spam claim, don’t stack, don’t build specifically to grief other people, report anyone who griefs you – has already been given.

Same goes for “good answers” – at no point did you ask a question that hasn’t been already answered on the thread. @DanQuixote was nice enough to rehash some of the stuff that has repeatedly been explained before. I used to explain all that patiently, ad nauseam, but I got tired of doing it for people who think they have a right to direct baseless personal attacks towards everyone, be it Funcom or other players.

As for proposing something, I did propose a few things. I don’t care if you read it or not. :man_shrugging:

What topic, exactly? If you haven’t noticed, this thread is basically the “landfill thread” for complaints about the new rules. Even the mods are using it that way, by closing other threads that pop up with the typical “boo hoo Funcom sucks because they banned me but not someone else I think deserves it” and pointing people to this thread.

So tell me, what is this topic that you came to discuss in a rational, civil manner?

That ship has sailed. The thread started toxic and it keeps getting more toxic every time someone new pops in to spew vitriol here and then gets butthurt when they don’t get a pat on the head for it.

Look, if you’re going to sling mud at people on a public forum and then complain you’re being criticized for it, I don’t know what to tell you. I would try “maybe don’t do that”, but it doesn’t seem like it would be well received. Apparently, it’s not “helpful”.


I talk about what I experienced, what I saw happend to other clans on the server, some were enemies some were neutral and some were allies. No hate there. And I am well aware of game exploits, I know how to look to check if someone is undermeshing. And I know that even the enemies who got banned the only wrong thing they did was too big landclaim or stacking. As so was ours, and all the other clans who got banned. One of them blocked obelisk too, well okay, that’s something extra :woman_shrugging:t3:. And this is really enough for me to tell people about it. Maybe it’s not enough for you, but I am talking about my experience and I am 99% sure that reason of these bans is the lanclaim or fence foundation stacking as abusing building system and don’t have the need to ask for that if I am sure what was wrong. I don’t feel bad for anything else I did on this server, I can only exlude one of these two options if I verify this. (But then below I write what I saw on next server after I got a ban.)

I also attached a picture of me building something new and different wondering if that’s okay, in people’s opinion, I don’t see Funcom really giving answers to any of these posts, and I didn’t get any answer to that. I wanted people’s opinion and all I just saw was them arguing with each other, including you. Okay you liked the post, I didn’t get an answer from anyone, and I still don’t know if I can build that even if it would be just a player opinion, it’s always something to let others think different way. Same as other players cannot refer to my posts as something official and sure even if I verified my ban or not.

I am a hater to funcom policy if it’s gonna keep up like this, but I am not hater to players, even those who are my enemies and annoy me on the server very much, it’s a good challenge. But there is another kind of people. I sent a report couple days ago (actually almost a week ago now) about a guy who reported us and is undermeshing on another server. They play there not full two weeks.

He already managed to report and ban clans on this server as well, which build their bases maybe a week ago coz it’s one of the servers where people went after they banned everyone on the previous one, so most of them started fresh, and some of the bases which wasn’t attached to the landclaim still stands there but the landclaim itself disappeared, and guess what, their mesh didn’t and they didn’t get a ban either :rofl:. And as long as I can deal with people’s huge landclaim I cannot deal with this injustice, because this mesh was also reported and was standing there before these other guy’s landclaim. And believe me I did everything I could to get them a ban. And this makes me wonder, what kind of people works in Funcom, or if this player have some personal contact with someone from administration, I got a reply from funcom that they received everything they need yet nothing happens and it was sent before these guys made this landclaim or during :woman_shrugging:t3:. So it’s not even my clan, nor my base, it’s an opinion of someone beside it all. And I know who was meshing, and who had just a normal base with too much landclaim. So landclaim > meshing. I’m only lvl 13 on this server and log in to watch what happens to people and clans talk with them to get some more information and observe by myself.

And I do turn it into joke, or maybe not as it’s a joke by itself, also including some of my opinion how I personally see funcom working.

Okay so I talk about funcom doing, are you gonna pick on me again in your next post and criticise me for not verifying my ban and still having opinion about funcom’s work based also on observations on other servers? You dont have to undermine me only coz I didn’t verify my ban, but I tell you what happens on another server, and it’s all the same, and I only log in there to observe and same happens, despite my ban.

And last thing, these meshers also blocked sinkhole obelisk which I added to report and they blocked these guys (who they reported and banned) from the rest of the map, they literally build around them, and it was beside the landclaim which disappeared but their wall stands there. It’s not a joke, server is 3141. Banned guys had a hanging base on JK3, meshers are meshing by unnamed city and the wall stands there by noob river. And so is landclaimed obelisk on sinkhole :woman_shrugging:t3: These guys who are meshing are using two clans and alter accounts, I managed to get some screen shots at the beggining to show that they were in this meshing clan too before, but they made a new one trying to look clean and are messing with others with their alts. But this is okay, just landclaim around the main base isnt xd. I kept the screen shots and videos of the mesh base, as they reduced it later and everything I put into report influding players list and this spam too…


Okay perhaps I was wrong, if this thread is going to devolve into baseless insults maybe it would have been more productive to hash out the virtues of utilitarian, self-interest, and categorical imperative ethical frameworks…

Also this post puts me in top 5 posters here, get rekt noobs.


I think you missed the part where my example of the official forums were for official servers was in reply to the attitude of "if you dont like it (meaning officials) go play solo, private or run your own server. I truly dont believe that, even if the idea of subforums for official topics existed due to the fact as we pointed out, would not work because you simply cant stop people from other platforms from posting.

It was merely a counter to the elitist attitude of “if you dont like it go somewhere else” Funny though how much backlash my example got.

Partly true though. Example from long ago was the lifeblood spear. Great, awesome idea, and a wonderful item for PVE. Ruined PVP. PVP discussion comes up about how it broke PVP and someone from PVE comes in to complain about the nerf. In that topic, does the PVE person upset at the nerf really have any decent input for a PVP discussion?

I will be honest though, Im not sure Ive ever read any threads regarding PVE things in Conan, or topics that dont deal with PVP. Maybe that makes me biased a bit I dont know. And maybe, thats why the debate came up about building limits/spam/whats allowed and why I have the thoughts I do.

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Here in the quote from the rules, it says “Blocking content in the game…” then goes on to list such things Funcom calls “content” - dungeons (very self explanatory and zero grey area), obelisks (very self explanatory and zero grey area) resources (100% grey area. All resources, some, none, rare, common? Why did they go from very self explanatory to this?), other areas of the game (again grey area. They have no build zones around many places, is this what they mean? Or does that mean blocking ways from getting to point A from point B? Because that opens up a whole host of areas one could debate)

Change it to “Content” remove the rest. Then, easily defined. Is it part of the game, necessary to access to play the game? Yes - content No - not content build away.


Third time your unable to explain your idea of rare resources. Keep going. And, report away. I know Im not breaking any rules so Im not worried. If Funcom ignores the ban report, I laugh at you. If I do get banned from the report I still laugh at you because it shows bias and how Funcom cant follow their own rules.

Either way, I laugh and it doesnt bother me.


Then ill ask you the same Ive asked Taemein multiple times that hes not been able to answer.

Define resources as it pertains to Funcoms rule.

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