Funcom connan exiles fatal error

Hello, I have a problem and I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance. when I try to enter the game, a few seconds pass and then I get a crash error. I don’t have mods, or anything weird, I play through the gamepass and it won’t let me play even offline. even if I ignore the crash message I can play for 15-20 minutes but eventually the game closes on its own. My PC is good, it is not a problem that it does not support the game since it supports much heavier games. if someone could help me it would be of enormous help. Thank you.

Did you update your windows in the past few days? The latest windows update causes issues for gamepass, steam works fine. You can try uninstalling the last windows update until the issue is resolved.

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ok! Thank you very much for the help, I try and tell you how it went!

I have Windows 11 and I do not get that error, but a friend of mine with the same Windows does not happen that.

It does not let me send images because I am a new user, but what the error says is the following: one is a small letter that says the ue4-conansandbox has crashed and will close fatal error “fatal error” and the other, already bigger , says FUNCOM and a lot of things and gives me the option to “send report” from now on thanks to everyone.

this is the problem

Did you uninstall this windows update KB5008215

no se si es la que tengo

voy a probar desistalando esas dos primeras

the problem continues :frowning:

ok, remove the top two from everything and they weren’t, it was the second after those 2. let’s see if it works now …

yeeees, that was it, thank you very much everyone really!

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