Funcom Forums on mobile (Android) - keyboard shows on section dropdown box

Since couple of days ago I am noticing that when I click on dropdown box to change forum section, a top positioned searchbar is focused, what also triggers onscreen keyboard to show.

While it is understandable for keyboard to show when some input box is focused, it also happens on a tablet that has a BT physical keyboard connected (and set as default input).

  • Keyboard showing up takes jumping between sections considerably more time.
  • Onscreen keyboard showing while a physical one present makes me suspect that whole behavior is not completely intended.

@Ignasis, I not certain who to direct this question to, but can anyone please look into it and tell now much of this is intended?

Maybe @AndyB could help too.

Can you show me a screenshot of what’s going on? I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my Pixel 2.

Clicking on dropdown box the box drops down as intended, but keyboard shows up that covers half the screen, so I need to hide the keyboard first before I can comfortabely pick a section. It works without hiding the keyboard, but needs a bit more manouvering

Same for me on my S10+ with Andriod 10

But for me not an issue because I dont use this Option :slight_smile:

Ah, I see what you mean now. I think that’s an intended function of our forum software (Discourse) as this also happens on mobile when I go to their official forum page at I can look into tweaking settings but I don’t think I can disable the keyboard coming up like that altogether.

(at least, I’m not sure if that possible. Can look into it, but please don’t expect immediate changes.)

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