Funcom has to be more aggressive

hello people have been playing conan in xbox one since I left the console I have a problem on an official server # 2732 PVE mode conflict this is a problem I am a player who plays the game more five hours a day I have bad luck that this server is closing the access to the dungeon and area where there is resource and also area where you can teleport is not unfair that players who do not like pvp mode that people come to build in the area that are the server and I know that a problem that affects the PVE mode Conflict by please funcom that there are solutions to stop this problem that causes damage to the game can be solved methods strong banning players or clans or cleaning servers every 2 months or reduce the area of ​​construction in my case game the said server there are players who insult several players for my part I have a hint of cyberbulling and photo of the area

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A lot of the building problems could be solved by making the roads and paths to key areas/dungeons/etc into no build zones.

There comes a point where you have to protect the playerbase from itself to promote healthy gameplay.


That point tends to be Day 1 of release. As soon as a number of people get their hands on a new toy, they will find ways to break it in ways that the creator could never have predicted.

Adding restrictions retroactively is always tricky. Even if it may fix many problems, it will inevitably cause collateral damage that will hurt innocent players.

That’s the biggest exaggeration I’ve ever heard. Protecting things like world recipes, important resources (brimstone lake), obelisks and other such key areas is hardly going to reduce your ability to build in any significant way. The game map is huge, and there’s no argument to be made for why anyone should be able to spend a couple hours farming rock and wood to lay down enough foundations in a spot like brimstone lake to ruin the whole server for everyone else playing.


Hello !
Computer (or consoles) games are programs, any program can be hacked, no matter the level of protection you put into.
Restraining players activities will just hinder “real” players, cheaters will continue to cheat anyway.
If cheaters don’t have the knowledge how to bypass a security, they will call a “partner” hacker who will hack the game for them.
Sony learned in 2011 the hard way preventing them to operate was painful (reminder : PSN was hacked).

My two cents : Just don’t play with cheaters, if there are too much online cheaters, just play solo offline.
I did this with Diablo 3 on PS3, as hackers ruined the online experience.

This forum is about closing the entrance to the dungeon and obelisk in PVE conflict servers

I think the no build zones need to be extended on pve servers. On pvp blocking stuff is part of the game, but on pve its really just griefing. Totally unnecessary to let players block resources if no raiding is in the game.


Is true

Would extending the no-build zones solve anything? Reember that you can’t extend the no-build zones in one game mode without affecting other modes, too, including single-player where players may want to build close to resource nodes.

Griefers will just build a longer wall around the bigger no-build zone, and leave you asking for yet wider no-build zones until you can’t build anywhere, or the distance from buildings to resource nodes grows uncomfortably long.

I understand griefing is a problem that severely hurts the gaming experience on officials, but I don’t believe that blanket building restrictions are the solution to that problem.


A ‘no-build’-zone for obelisks does not need to be circular.

What if each obelisk was connected to another obelisk by a ‘no-build’-corridor that is several foundations wide?
Of course, this would make for a ‘no-build’-area in places where one would not be expected, but no wall could be built around this structure.

This has been one of the more reasonable suggestions I’ve seen in the past months. Last time someone suggested it I checked the map and discovered that most of my bases would blow up if they implemented these no-build zones - if you drew a line from every obelisk to all other obelisks, the “ley lines” would cover a major portion of the map.

But, as you suggest, having each obelisk connect only to the one or two closest ones via these “no-build ley lines” would be less intrusive, but still leave a passage to and from obelisks. It might be at an inconvenient direction for frequent travelers, but at least not completely blocked.

Not each with each other (NO spiderweb), just connect one obelisk with one or two neighboring ones. I can draw up what I am talking about, but can post it in several hours…

You have a PM, @Kapoteeni

EDIT: If laid properly, as I showed you in the PM, this would also help unblock New Asgard and Shattered Springs…

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Thanks. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I thought, too. Please post it in the public, too, because I think your idea has lots of merit. People would undoubtedly find ways to annoy their neighbors even with that, but at a glance your “ley line fork” doesn’t seem too intrusive, and would leave at least some routes open for everyone.

(It would also not blow up any of my bases, so you can have my biased support as well as my more objective one.)

I have a feeling that no matter what rules you make up, someone will find a way to troll and grief it. The only thing that can combat that, is active moderation. Which is never going to be a thing for official server, nature of the beast and all that.

I am as a general rule not too fond of “no build zones”, especially as on “my server” the obelisks are not trolled or griefed, but rather communal resources with fountains and nearby map rooms courtesy of the most established player(s).

Here it is, thankfully I can access imgur from my office computer…

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Yeah I can say for my sake, it would completely destroy my main base, all to solve a problem we don’t even have on the server I play on. So… personally, not a fan. Granted, I’m somewhat biased by the fact it goes right through my house and all, but still.

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It also goes right through the house of one of the players on my server, thus I am not too happy with it either, but no matter how you’ll place the lines, they will always touch someone’s(!) home.
I have no idea whether or not this could be implemented server-by-server, so that only servers with blocking problems should get this treatment.
Servers with ‘public works’ around the obelisks should be somewhat safe from blocking because of what has been built in the obelisk area already, and maybe that area could be held free if the server community is vigilant.

Agreed. I didn’t mean I wasn’t happy with where the lines go, more that I don’t like the idea of the lines at all.

Probably not. Funcom does not seem to have the manpower to do much of anything on a server-by-server basis - it’s one solution fits all.

Yeah, I mean those builds are there mostly to protect against trolls and griefers in the first place (of which we’ve had our share). I am well aware that it’s a real problem on a lot of servers, and I hate to be a naysayer when I don’t have a better solution handy myself.

Neither do I, personally, but if it turns out that the game and community as a whole are suffering from obelisk and resource blocking in such a way that building restrictions must be applied, this idea is one of the better ones. (Where the exact lines would be drawn is another matter.)

Active moderation would, of course, be a better solution, but very unlikely to happen due to the massive number of official servers and limited manpower at Funcom.

No matter how the problem is approached, some innocents will inevitably suffer. Even moderators are (usually) human, and as such can make errors of judgement. It’s kinda tragic that a small minority of jerks actively spend their money and free time just to ruin the enjoyment of many others.

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