Funcom is nerfing spears Now, what comes next?

Well I must say it!! I tested the beta already and it’s sad to see Funcom’s best solution to any complain non-skill players make is nerfing everything, I’m honestly disappointed already, enough is enough Funcom!!!.

Now you nerfing spears, ok I have to say it now. This kills your game, this is the last stab on you game to finally kill it.

I’ll be playing it again when the update is released but if you definitely decided to nerf the spears and pikes I’ll quit the game and uninstall it, I WILL NEVER PLAY AGAIN.

Stop making changes to combat features and focus more on developing a better code that won’t glitch the game all the time, Focus more on a graphic engine transition to Unreal Engine 5 rather than killing the game.

It’s already too hard to find good PvPers cause they have left the game already. Even official servers are running dry as the days go by.

FUNCOM I was excited about your game’s potential and this is a turning point for you. I won’t pour any more money in a game that makes changes so clumsy people can achieve anything they can’t by learning the proper way to fight.

You focus towards a community that plays the game for 3 months and leaves the game completely, and that for you turning your back on players that have enjoyed your game for years.

This next UPDATE will decide whether my people and I STOP PLAYING YOUR GAME FOREVER, it’s sad but makes no sense anymore.

Wish you really listen

Not a coward nor a crybaby, funny to see you stand by the side of game developers who don’t care about their community and don’t demand them to fix the game code although you bought the game and pretty sure you’ve invested in bazaar items and battle passes.

Read it all again but this time understand what it means, I don’t ask for weapon nerfs, when I started the game I was getting destroyed by any player using daggers, bows, swords, also pikes… What did I do ? I learned to play the game, I learned to fight and became a great PvPer.

What does Funcom do? … Destroy the game, that’s what they do, little by little they ruining it instead of fixing the code and deliver a better game performance.

You definitely sound like those who barely play the game and pay for anything even if it’s broken. So it is as it is… A broken game, a ruined code and now combat features being ripped apart. That’s right you don’t play the game and you don’t know what it means, changes to make players like you feel like a band hardcore players but all you do is keep founding cheap thrills and not demanding a working code worth playing and worth investing money on.

Shout-out loud you love the game and insult me all you need to feel more secure, but it won’t make you earn the money they are making from all the community members.

Forgive me but every pvp I see in the game is spear now. That metric alone tells me they need adjusted.


Its everyone with Spear because they destroyed how stamina works.
Was nothing wrong with spears before.
I agree with OP.
Combat will never be fair in this game. Because of different attributes and buffs that players can have.

So complaining that spear is op and before other weapons do nothing good. Funcom just destroy them with nerfs.

I suggest they nerf their ability to nerf things.
Changing stamina to this what we have now made combat almost no skill required.
Also some of the attributes introduced in age of sorcery should not exist in game

I would not use that as a metric myself. I’ve seen many in the PVP crowd use spears even when it was the worst weapon to use in a situation. They could probably nerf the damage by half and these people would continue to use them.

Every so often someone gets a bright idea or someone joins into PVP communities with another weapon and starts dominating. Then you start seeing thread after thread trying to get the ‘anomalous’ weapon nerfed. Just like with bows a few months ago.


Noone’s playing this game anyway does it really matter?
Do the developers care? They have shown they don’t.

All their updates since day 1 are full of bugs.

It’s a fun game if you enjoy building but that’s pretty much it imho.

Don’t let it get you down because noone is listening anyway

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I’m never an apologist for nerfs… except in this case. It might give pvp a much needed variety.

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This one feels that such a particular situation is more a result of numerous factors building together (the new stamina system, rolling thrust perk, stagger, status problems being inflicted on the first heavy hit) than any inherent prowess on the Spear’s part.
Having looked at the new moveset…
This one is concerned.
It’s one thing to make balance adjustments, it’s another to replace a moveset with a really bad one.
This one would like to test it more, but the situation in which the new spear motion seems a good idea eludes this one’s cognizance at present.

But it is, this one supposed, easier to make one weapon type… less than useful on any situation, than address deeper balance issues.

Oh well, time to dust off those old Feroxic Daggers and get back into that played out meta.

Edit: Mea Culpa, only certain spears got the old attack pattern. While this one does support having more wide swinging attacks for glaive type weapons, the archaic spear moveset was not it.

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Could you tell which spears have been nerfed and what their damage values ​​are now?

Correct. Daggers might become META for lower skilled players again. If I decide to play, I will probably try daggers again. Might be that they can finally attack faster than spears now.

You could literally bind the dodge button to your mouse and then play PvP with mouse only after you applied target lock on officials: dodge + poke + dodge + poke.

It was obvious spears would receive a nerf after receiving 2 huge buffs that made the usage of them easier.

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What will still dominate PvP after the nerf:

  • 2h Great Axe right click. Just insane damage when combined with rolling thrust
  • Bows. But those require more skill to use. Even more insane damage

There was no damage value nerf.


Out of any online game I have played Conan pvpers are the worst. They complain to no end and use cheats and exploits AND shit on other people trying to enjoy the game.

Look if you want pvp, go play Rust.


As far as PvP goes, that ‘metric’ is something called a meta (Most Effective Tactic Available). And it is something that there will ALWAYS be in Conan Exiles. One of two outcomes will emerge from this: 1) the spear will remain the meta and the subset will continue to howl for more nerfs for it until it ceases to be, or 2) the nerf will be effective and a new meta will emerge, then the usual vocal minority will complain obnoxiously until it is nerfed into a state of uselessness.

The cycle will never end. And I am sorry to say that there will never, and I do mean NEVER be a situation in Conan Exiles, or for that matter any PvP game where all weapons are equally viable. All we are doing is progressively making weapons worse. @Taemien is right on the money here.


Now is that a complaint on PVP or on CE PVP? Because you start out about the use of exploits and hacks which I will give you that. However you end it with all PVP, in general, and I have had the most fun in CE on a PVP server that literally lasted a year full of intrigue, alliances, a form of server government, drunken stupidity, outsider antagonists and a betrayal that was just perfect. It was an epic tale that sold me on the game. Only to realize that my first experience was the pinnacle of it and as the PVP play mode cheapened more and more to just winning, I got more and more disfranchised with the mode of play.

I guess my point is that PVP is a very viable and fun method of playing as long as your majority of players on the server all take it as something to slowly enjoy and not just a weekend excursion to troll and trash other players.

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That’s what Funcom does. Because they are too incompetent to balance things.


Latest Dota 2 Patchnotes. Things get nerfed, things get buffed.

But responsibly. Not these knee jerk reaction nerfs from Funcom.

And you know why Valve Software is so good at balancing?
They have people that analyze the gameplay. That analyze the pro play (tournamnets etc). And they collect this data and react based on it.


Drastic issues require drastic solutions. Revamp all weapons and redesign them with 1 weapon class they dominate against, 1 they are weakest against, and the rest are normal. You have to make sure all weapons are accounted for in this and that there is proper spreading the love around so that all weapons have SWOT designed inthem.

Its not going to happen but its what needs to happen to encourage diversification in various weapons. The META would always be dependent on what your opponent has equipped.

I would like to point out… this is the change the topic is about:

It was given some extra frames of delay (I forget the exact number, I think its mentioned in the livestream). But I hardly think this is a ‘kneejerk’ reaction that some are claiming. In fact some of the first posts about it were positive, as players felt it gave ‘weight’ to the heavy attack.

Don’t get me wrong, its a nerf. It adjusts TTK in a higher amount which is a nerf. But the actual spears themselves were not adjusted outside of a few that got different movesets (I don’t believe the spears that did were even in common use).

What I find interesting is in any game there is two METAs. There is the known META and the actual META. Both are similar in the fact that they are the tactics, weapons, builds, etc that are the most effective. The difference is that the known META only encompasses the META that is known by the general community. The actual META can include things that aren’t known, but still there.

This is why we can see complaints about things that haven’t had any patches for months or years. Sometimes it takes that long to find something that is actually effective.

With that said, just because something is found to be a new META doesn’t make it OP. The issue with known METAs is its all relative. Let’s do a little thing here to illustrate this. We’re going to assign imaginary numbers to make an analogy, these numbers aren’t real and are just for the sake of argument.

1 being near useless, 10 being grossly over powered.

Lets say Spears are around a 6. Other weapons are around 4 or 5. The perception is that Spears are OP. They have a significant advantage over 4s and 5s. But let’s say for the sake of argument that Two-Handed Hammers are found to be quite effective and their perceived META goes to a 7. Well everyone is going to cry foul. Lets take a weapon that is a 4 and see why its a 4. Maybe it takes a bit more practice to use, and once someone gets good with it, it goes to a 7. Well… when someone does this, everyone is going to try to get good with it so they can dominate with it. Or in many cases they cry foul of OPness.

The problem here, its all relative and perception based. These numbers, like the known META don’t tell the whole picture. And one of the biggest problems with the Spear META is that its been the Known META for so long (since early access) that it is the baseline that everyone goes to. Its the default weapon so everyone uses it.

Why? Because it was the easiest to use weapon. It was the weapon every guide said to use. Its the weapon every clan starts out with and get their newer players to start using. Its a self fulfilling problem. Is the weapon actually that OP though? Its a little hard to tell because of the inherent bias towards it.

You could argue that it is OP and the bias is in part due to that fact. But the Spear has seen significant changes that most would consider detrimental. Such as the light attacks changing entirely. But despite that, the META didn’t change. Was it because Funcom didn’t do enough, or was it because of the sunk cost fallacy of the investment many had with it?

What I do know is when there is an anomalous user of a different weapon, it throws things into chaos. For example the bows. They hadn’t really had much change over the last major updates. In fact the last time bows saw any significant changes was in Isle of Siptah or even before. But that bow thread that just hit the front page again popped up in February. Why? Because someone on a server got good with a bow. Someone found everyone using a singular weapon and decided to exploit them.

That’s the problem with gauging the META. When EVERYONE is using the same thing. There’s going to be a counter and that counter is going to hit everyone in the balls. When many people get invested in one way of playing, it gets very hard to engage in counters.

The dueling server has major issues with that. I will give them credit, they are probably the best pikemen all of Conan Exiles. And if you try to match them spear to spear, its going to be an uphill battle. But if you find a counter to their spears and get decent enough, they’re going to make threads about it. Usually claiming there’s a glitch, exploit, or some weapon is OP. I’ve seen this with daggers, bows, great axes, etc. They usually make threads until someone figures a way to deal with it, and then ego-checks the rest and then they stop.

The only reason to shake things up in the way @erjoh just suggested above, would be to get the spear bias out of the game. Effectively make them useless so they’re forced to try other things. I don’t agree with doing this however. Especially if the problem is simply a bias and not a problem with the actual weapon.


Dennis said that 9 frames were added.

Yes, the first heavy attack of the spear was fast and effective. Not like the “fancy” 1h mace heavy attack.

And the spear has the most reach (except bows, they have even more reach). Reach and mobility is important, because it allows you to position yourself better. You have better positioning => you win the fight.

Yes. Which are bows in the case of CE. Not many use them, but those who master the bow, dominate in fights.

They could do this for one age. Or just a chapter. Make the spear useless. The question is then: Will daggers be the META again? Or 2h axe? Or maybe even bow? Would be interesting to see.

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Does it really matter? There will be endless threads of people crying to nerf that item next. And once that happens there will be threads crying about that nerf as well. :woman_facepalming: