Funcom Launcher or How did I miss this topic?

Apparently this so far only involves Conan Exiles (maybe Secret World Exiles)- Since I don’t read about those games I totally missed this topic.

I was digging for any updates on the Tencent buyout and came across this- (among other websites that cover this topic)

Now, even though it seemingly doesn’t affect Age of Conan- I would still like to ponder the implications- most importantly

  1. Does or will this apply to Age of Conan in the future?
  2. Does or will this impact Steam users of Age of Conan, or the users of Exiles that currently use Steam?

Any official words of comfort would be nice, to know our beloved game won’t suddenly be available from Steam- or that we must download something new- Giving the state of the world, when we are already nervous about most everything, to see uncertainty about our (well, my) favorite pastime is really stressful.

The launcher doesn’t change where the game is played from. All it did was provide a quick launch option that passes by all the extra clicks after the opening movie plays.

I tried the launcher from TestLive mode to launch SWL and it did launch the game, but did not provide the quick entry (it was for Conan: Exiles but I wanted to test it.)
The only impact I noticed on Steam for Conan: Exiles was that I could use the launch, see the flying logos, not see the log in menu (or server selection when last played online) and went straight into the game. Saved time.