Funcom please read this. Cost Materials to build

I would hope that it is considered that the cost of turning iron to steel & Stone to brick would be lowered.
I ask this cause 10 stone to make 1 brick is imo A bit excessive I would hope that maybe 5 to 1 to make brick would be better & 3 iron bars and the normal amount of steelfire to make 1 steel bar would be better.
its the cost of these mats that make the game less fun to play & more of a chore just to build something cool.

I hope my suggestion is considered.
Funcom please read this & Thank You in advance = )

I think it is quite unlikely they would change this. Once you have top-tier tools, getting large amounts of those materials isn’t very difficult and it shouldn’t be super easy to build a vast citadel without putting in a lot of effort. The finished product is more satisfying if the process to get there was hard too.

Possibly what you want is a server with a resource multiplier.


Hi, and welcome to the community!

To be fair, the game is quite grindy, but it’s not as bad as you think right now. I don’t want to spoil the game for you, but there are many things that help you streamline the farming and building into something a lot less onerous.

One thing that helps a lot is reaching level 60, which not only gives you access to better tools, kits and crafting stations, but also gives you enough attribute points to distribute in ways that make farming easier.

Another thing to focus on is getting T4 thralls, so you can craft certain things faster and sometimes at a lower cost. Not to mention that T4 armorers will help you craft flawless armor, which helps with attribute points.

Finally, there are some legendary tools and end-game recipes that improve the farming yield even more.

In short, there’s a lot more to discover, so don’t lose hope. :slight_smile:


Last I checked Alex on the dev team wanted to do a economic redo in the game but I say it was a while ago during one stream but don’t remember which one

It would be this one:

Obi-Wan Kenobi won’t mine stone and iron for you. There is no hope.


I’m with you about the stone thing. Most people end up farming lots of black ice for this reason. The iron, though… T5 blacksmiths (purge ones, basically) can transmute a single iron reinforcement and a single steelfire into a single steel reinforcement. This reduces the amount of iron needed by 80%, but I find ridiculous that you’re tied to RNG (and building in a place that spawns human purges) in order to POSSIBLY get a thrall that makes that much of a difference.


Especially since the Purges are always very buggy.

But yeah, I’ve been complaining like crazy about the slot machine gameplay in Conan Exiles. I think that’s my least favorite aspect of it.

ty for your reply
I was just making a observation.
I don’t really mind the grind or working hard to obtain a goal.

cool ty for your reply/ = )
I will look into the tools you mentioned = )

Haven’t lost hope yet = )

awesome I will look into that = )

ty 4 your reply.
& it’s a pain However I’m slowly getting the named thralls to
man my stations. = )

what’s life w/o the occasional crap shoot on thralls lol = )

I agree, it is much easier to build with black ice than brick, the cost should be similar for both

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