Stop listening only to elite gamers your losing to Atlas

Reasons you are losing to atlas are. Listening to elites whine about game being too easy. We have no mounts, we have no ships. We get Ripped BADLY for iron. When we farm 50,000 iron we get 4,000 iron bars from it? What a rip off and I didn’t pay for your software to go on an endless farm fest. How about 20,000 bars from that 50,000 iron or lose to atlas. It takes 35 stone to make ONE FOUNDATION which is plain stupidity. It should not take 10 pieces of wood to make any finished boards in this game. Show me a carpenter who takes 10 logs to make one board and I will show you a complete idiot and the fact that that is a MIRACLE and very unrealistic game or no game. Now when the Elites chime in here and start flaming me you know who not to listen to. You need to stop listening to only the elites. And get rid of your spam over encumbered, pet is starving all that trash. Spam is spam in or out of a game. No one likes it and you are guilty of it. Also I saw a post staggers makes fights too easy. Do not listen to this person. Combat is fine the way it is. Yes some things need fixed but it is far from too easy when you get ganged up on in new asgarath by 3 npcs especially if they have spears.


Probably wouldn’t hurt to rebalance a lot of the crafting stuff.

But I can sympathize with the developers, one thing most people don’t understand is just how big a pain in the ■■■ it is to get the balancing for something like this even close to perfect.

Considering you have to balance the amount of materials you are harvesting against the tools being used, as well as the type of dwelling you are going for.

50,000 pieces of Iron to make only 4,000 Iron Bars does sound like some sort of joke, though. It looks slightly better when you break it into a ratio. 12.5 pieces of Iron for every Iron Bar. Conceivably it would be more reasonable to say 4 pieces of Iron for every Iron Bar.

I suppose extreme scaling like that is more for pushing people to join clans and work together. So you get royally screwed if you play online but don’t have a clan.

And honestly, from what I saw, given the size of a foundation, 35 seems way too high, even with multiplayer scaling. At best, 10-15 would be far more acceptable.

As far as wood goes, I happen to come from a logging family, and we own a saw mill. Frankly, one 8 ft log, say 3 ft in diameter, fairly straight, is going to produce quite a lot of bark slabs as the outer pieces are removed to square up the log.

Figure 1/4" blade width for cutting, and losing up to 5-6" from slabs on the outer edges, with an average thickness of 1" per board, you end up with a HUGE amount of boards to work with. Easily 20+, more if you are only going for 6-8 inch width.

This is mostly a problem with how the game is structured, however. You don’t get 1 log per tree and call it a day. You instead get pieces of wood. Which comes more across as appropriate for firewood, not boards or the like.

I think the Wood problem can largely be solved if you change how wood functions.

1 tree equals 1 log. Rather than the Hatchet/Axe giving you more, make it cut down faster.

Then you need a station to process your wood. You convert the log into usable materials based on a recipe.

Firewood (1 Log = x pieces) – Simple enough, you hack the log into pieces to use as burning material, rather than simply using “wood”. You could further expand on this by making the Firewood “Green”, so that it does not burn as well (or just say it burns for a shorter time), instead placing it on a drying station to season it so that it burns well and longer.

Boards (1 log = x Boards + x Bark) – you strip the bark and then saw the log into a number of boards, the boards are then used to wooden walls, foundations, etc, while the bark is used for it’s normal function. The boards would initially be rough allowing for a rough wood design for buildings. It also allows for a further recipe at the carpentry station, taking a Rough Board along with some other abrasive material to sand and smooth the board, giving you a Smooth Board, as commonly found in home improvement stores and used in general construction.

Thick Boards (1 log = x Thick Boards + x Bark) – same as above, basically, but these are more like 2x4s, 2x6s, and so on. Used for the skeletal framework of a house or building, and on which you nail the above boards.

Blocks (1 log = x Blocks + x Bark) – similar to above, yet Blocks are instead used for decorative pieces, as you can carve things from a block of wood. Blocks could also create wooden pegs, that when coupled with boards would work as carpentry to fix cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, etc.

This in effect broadens the usage of trees, while adding realism to the game which ideally would be more enjoyable.

The same could honestly be applied to stone.

The initial stone you receive could be changed to Large Stone, with a masonry station that allows you to break down the Large Stone into Stone Dust (for mortar), Gravel, or into Squared Stone blocks.

The Gravel would be ideal for mixing with Stone Dust/Sand for mortar, then add in Squared Stone Blocks to make foundations and buildings.

Few more steps, to be sure, but the system wouldn’t feel dumbed down, and as such might appeal to more gamers.


While I disagree that Atlas poses any “threat” (its just an Ark reskin with nearly as many bugs and glitches as Fallout 76 = a launch disaster), I do concur with the idea that a rebalance is in order. There have been many wonderful suggestions about the cost of materials (see above), so I won’t repeat those. But also for consideration, I would change at what level people acquire the blueprints for building.

For example:
The maximum level in the game is 60. I would make T3 items available only once reaching level 60. Then scale it down from there:
T3 = 60 +
T2 = 40 +
T1 = 20 +
T0 (stone weapons) = start of game (here is where hide and leather tents can be used for shelters).

Maybe even wood structures at T .5 (say level 10) before progressing to T1 Sandstone.


Progression would be good, however I’m not sure waiting until level 60 to be able to do T3 would be as fun.

Renaming Tiers would probably be necessary as well.

T0 – just starting out, you can make stone tools, a rough hide tent/bedroll, maybe thatch/straw housing, pretty crappy shelter

T1 – level 10, you can make Smooth Stone tools, that are somewhat sturdier and stronger than the basic ones, wooden buildings and furniture

T2 – level 20, you now have access to Refined Stone tools, the strongest stone items you can make, along with Sandstone buildings

T3 – level 30, jump to Marble/Granite, the best stone building you can work with, along with Iron tools

T4 – level 40, you can now do Iron/Low Quality Metal buildings

T5 – level 50, you gain access to Steel tools and buildings

T6 – level 60, the highest level of tools and buildings possible.

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Why? It only takes 6 hours to hit 30 (a little longer if you take your time). You can hit 40 in a couple days easy. Is that too hard? I don’t know – maybe I like hardcore games and its affecting my perspective. But I didn’t think being able to build T2 in a couple days (a single weekend) was all that hard. Help me understand.

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Ok. That makes sense. I’ve restarted my playthroughs probably around 50-60 times now; I’ve lost count. But the early levels always felt “too easy” with a ‘hump’ at 30 and another at 50. But yes, if you are playing casual and not much time per session, I can see how that would impact your progression. Thanks for sharing!

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Holy crap, that Atlas game looks awesome!

Im not one to bash the devs too quickly, but there are definitely a lot of things they could learn from games like Atlas and Ark. Sharks and water combat, boats, mounts, those seem like essentials that got skipped.

There need to be jump attacks and Sprint attacks, even if its just to flesh out the combat to FEEL more complete. The decay system sucks and there are countless awesome ideas out there to make it better and more immersive.

Its been a great game, but a game with the things Conan is missing is something I will jump ship for in a heartbeat!

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I feel really bad for anyone who passes up Conan Exiles for an Ark dlc. :grin:
I’m gonna leave this here.


I love Conan Exiles, but right out of the gate the character creation is leagues better. Thats definitely the kind of content that will pull people to that game.

Is it a contest? I don’t really think so. But the servers are already dead in Conan. It’ll be tough to get them back with other games offering what you’re missing out on in Conan.


lol I will never leave Conan. I am also glad some of you agree on the farming thing at least.


I agree guys it was a disaster on release. It was worse than a disaster lol. And No I don’t really think Conan can lose to Atlas. Funcom is a great company.


I agree on the farming thing too. But I thought it only took 2 ironstone to get an iron bar? Steel bars though…

Yeah op seems to be inaccurate. 10 iron ore = 5 iron bars = 1 steel bar (with 1-2 tar and 1 sulphur)

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Wouldn’t mind getting a rebalance but the point is to make you want to use thralls more. So they can’t do tons with it to make it where a blacksmith thrall is pointless. But like i said a rebalance could do nicely.

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It’d be nice if smelter thralls gave you more brick per level to match blacksmith and carpenter. I have to almost completely fill one smelter just to make one full stack of brick. XD

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You’d have a much better chance of making a coherent point if you had your facts straight, weren’t ranting so hard, or continually bringing up some other game (people said the same thing of F76 and many others).

Sure, every new game has a chance of siphoning off players from an already small player base, but there’s very little anyone can do about that.

Wrong. Unless you’re using mods or weird server settings, in which case that’s on you.

Show me a gamer who doesn’t understand that materials are abstracted, and I’ll show you a complete idiot

Yes, well it seems you already know your post is presented badly and are trying to prevent rebuttals by labeling anyone who disagrees with you as “flaming elites”. Sorry kiddo, you have to do better than that.

That particular fix is literally on TestLive right now. Yeah it took a lot longer than it should have IMO, but hey. It’s there.

Out of game spam? Now there’s an idea. I’d love to be able to get out-of-game notifications when I’m being Purged, my Thralls are starving or the decay timer is about to expire, but none of that is possible.

Anyway, there’s a world of difference between “spam” ingame and out, and one of the most annoying sources (encumberance) is being taken care of.

See the thing is - your post, despite its obvious flaws, is not entirely without merit. So maybe you should consider removing the hyperbole, the needless self-victimization (“boo hoo elites”) and try again?


There is a common theme with nearly every game. They want you to log in every day for the rest of your life if possible. Naturally we drift away to other game over the weeks, months or years, but if they can give you a reason to log in every day, they have your attention and a chance to sell you something else.

If you could make a foundation with 1 stone, in no time, you would have your base completed and bigger than you could possibly make use of. If it takes you a long time to get resources for 1 foundation, just maybe you will have something to do each day - a reason to log in.

I look at my friend and how she has to take a break from Conan every single day, so she can log into Elder Scrolls Online, to do all this stupid repetitive craft quests stuff, which she calls “the daily’s”. It takes weeks or months of doing them to get some new super cool mount, for her mount collection. Once she has that mount, guess what? The daily quests will be needed for some other super sweet something or other piece of junk.

Thank Crom that CE isn’t at that level if idiocracy yet.

While I do dislkie the grind for materials, I get why it exists. It keeps us logging in and it ALSO gives is a great sense of accomplishment when we make a really sweet T3 base, town or whatever. What is wrong is the imbalance on the different T3 building types. Black ice vs hardened brick. The hardened brick types should be T6 or T7, based on the amount of resources needed to build.

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World of Warcraft had the same “dailies” to do for reputation and the like. It’s a crap inclusion for any game.

The OP isn’t terribly far off. 10 Iron -> 5 Iron Bars -> 1 Steel Bar comes out to 50,000 pieces of Iron to make 5,000 Steel Bars. Which isn’t that far off from the 4,000 the OP listed. Which still seems like it could be a bit excessive.

I think it might be more tolerable to make it 10:5:2 instead. 50,000 for 10,000 Steel Bars is drastically better, yet doesn’t seem like it’s wildly off balance.

While grinding is wholly evil, I think most can agree that cheap tactics to force a grind on us is most definitely a bad thing. It becomes tedious, and tedium is a death knell for any game.

And this is coming from a guy who, years ago playing when Wrath of the Lich King was released, spent around 15 hours straight on a private server, keeping a group running that large dragon under the one dragon temple in Northrend. Because as it happens, on that server they had just gotten that dragon added, and he only did 1HP per damage no matter what attack he used.

So hour after hour I ran in with 5-6 others to take him down and farm the Emblems and whatnot for access to Heirloom items in Dalaran. So I’m no stranger to something that becomes tedious.

I think honestly one thing that could help with the tedious gathering is to break gathering up by creating different types of items.

Having different trees/rocks scattered around, with different ones used for different items. So it’s not always just “go get wood. go get stone”. It becomes “go get elm. go get birch. go get oak. go get granite. go get marble. go get quartz. go get limestone. go get sandstone.” and so on.

Except in that case, you need to make recipes adaptive. Some might require a specific type of wood. While other, more basic, recipes could instead utilize any wood.

I’ve seen this system used in Minecraft.

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So my often referenced survival game from the last 6 years or so is Wurm Online. One of the creators of Wurm went on to create Minecraft, a dummed down version that could also be played on mobile. I absolutely love crafting variety. Maple, pine, birch, walnut, cherry, orange, lemon, cedar, linden, fir, oak and willow are the different trees to harvest. For mining, you have rock, rocksalt, flint, iron, copper, zinc, tin, slate, marble, silver, gold, sandstone, adamantium, glimmersteel and sometimes you randomly get a gem…

Different wood crafts are better, based on the type of wood you use. Different metal crafts are better, depending on the metal you use. You can do metalurgy, to create brass, bronze and various others.

incredible variety. Not just “rocks”. Well, we have obsidian, ash, gold, silver, brimstone and rocks, so that is some progress. For wood, we have regular and dry, but also byproducts like bark, twigs and sap, which is a good start. So I’d imagine if CE keeps moving forward, within a year or two, there will be new crafts, using new materials, which provide different or better stats. You should see the difference between Wurm from launch and Wurm today, 12 years later. This year alone, they must have added a couple hundred noteworthy new features.

No game will ever fully live up to the incredible craft system there, but CE makes up for it in other ways. It is just gorgeous in CE. Game play feels very natural. It makes me want to be ingame every day. But heck, if they could ramp up the crafting in CE, to offer tons of variety and customizing the equipment, it would really make my day.

I could see myself playing both if some of the bugs are fixed in Atlas.