Funcom, your server software is dying after a restart/crash when 50 people connect at the same time

This is very annoying.

I suggest you block the sockets until the server is booted and the map is fully loaded.

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You know gportal runs the servers, not funcom right?

Funcom writes the software

What SirDave is talking about has no relevance to Gportal at all. When the server is booting, people trying to login essentially ddos it and cause it to crash or become unplayable until restarted.


Funcom also only guarantees 40 players. More than such, even on non-gportal hosting is on the individual to figure out.

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Ok lets be clear, FC outsources their server functions. They should still be held responsible for them. While it may functionally be under g portal’s auspice of responsibility, it still is under FC’s management.

In other words, its not like I can go directly to gportal to get an official server up and running. It has to be through FC. That is why FC is the responsible party for the servers from the customer perspective.

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Setting up a server has no interaction with Funcom at all.

On PC you can pick any server provider you wish, or you can download the software from steam and host it yourself. If you go with a provider, they already have the software setup in a page file to setup an instance (its why the setup is so quick), then they give you the information to connect with. If you host it yourself, you use Steam to download the software and then run it with the settings you wish.

On Consoles, its about the same, except you don’t get a variety of choices of who hosts it, its just G-portal, But again its setup through that provider, and you cannot use your own hardware.

None of this goes through Funcom. Funcom doesn’t make a cent, and Funcom doesn’t get a say. The only thing Funcom does is updates the software all sources above use during normal updates.

As for the issue the OP is having. The Dedicated Server software is designed to host 40 players on reliable hardware. If the server ‘dies’ at 40 players, its a hardware issue. And Funcom is no where near responsible for performance issues past 40 players.

There used to be hard limits, but those were removed at the request of server owners because they found they could push the software beyond the 40 player limit. But that requires extensive hardware and network resources beyond the recommended minimums that the software requires.

FC doesn’t support issues caused by going over recommended limits. Nor should they have to.

Even 40 players can bring a server down when they all connect at the same time.

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I’ve seen 50-70 people connect at once even before the queuing system was introduced. Who’s your server host?

Not my server. But feel free to ask Markdac from Empire Gaming.

It’s not only this server. Any server is affected.

If there are questions about the dedi launcher and whether there is anything toolguy can do to help, I’m sure he would be willing to say what he does and does not have control over. He regularly checks the dedi launcher thread. Its probably a ue4 thing which he just hooks into, but he could say for sure.

It’s not the launcher. It is the server process itself.

He could still probably tell you whether anything could be done on the matter.

I had a bit of time to think about this issue and in 30 years of playing online games. I’ve not seen many games have servers able to take on their entire max suggested capacity in connections all at once without some form of degradation during the process.

I mean think about this for a moment. Login is some of the most server intensive stuff a client can cause, once its on, it only needs the changes as they the player plays. But that first initialization is some of the most data intensive stuff.

So a server that can do 40-50 initial connections at once is likely going to be able to handle far more players at once.

I was thinking about this earlier on one server I played who had a limit of 70, they would ask people to space out their logins because if they didn’t, they’d literally have 150-200 people trying to cram into a 70 man capacity.

If a server could handle 40 logins at once flawlessly, its probably going to be advertised as handling 80 or even 120 capacity. In which case the goal post is going to be moved and the complaint would be “WhY cAn’T iT dO 100?”

This isn’t an MMORPG guys. And even those don’t do their server capacities all at once well either. They use a little more complex queuing system so they don’t crash. I would know, I have an Everquest 2 emulator. There’s three programs that handle logins for that. But that’s for servers with 10,000 capacity. That sort of setup would be overkill for Conan Exiles.

tbh, its probably not even a ue4 issue but a playfab issue, since it handles all that stuff in the background with your funcomid. Chances are, it depends on the switch that playfab uses and has available for a given game at a given time.

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We already have a cloud intermediary. They’d need to set up load balancing or easy QOS on each of the cloud hosts, this should be the industry minimum so that clients can load at will. A vulnerability like this can of course be targeted by mean players, I hope it can be fixed elegantly and quickly.

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