Funny new amazing start

So… I got sucked back into the game.
I had what I would call an “interesting” start. I’m writting since Conan is in the catalog of PS Plus extra games. A lot of people who didn’t know the game will probably check it out now.

Although we still have rendering issues on PS5, it doesn’t seem worse than a few months back. I would rather see them gone, but for now I can live with them.

Anyway, I loved what you guys did with the journey steps. I wish they were like that 2 years ago.
However, we need to activate the journeys for activities to count. Does the player know this? It was a bit of a mess for me. They weren’t registering, then I restarted a new game and it started working. Cool system, but it might need to be a bit more obvious for the new player.

I decided to buy CC and the battle pass. Bought them, got nothing on the account. Asked for help from the game since all common measures didn’t work. Usually zendesk solves these issues fast. But a new player doesn’t know what to do, let alone help usually is swift. And being Sunday, I’ll probably only get a reply tomorrow. No biggie for me, but a new player would be climbing walls.

So, I went to Sepermeru. The rhino king was invisible and killed me so fast I couldn’t react. Sure, I went looking for it, but it can happen to a newbie by sheer bad luck.

Got my first thrall and went for revenge. The rhino was invisible until half of the fight. Meanwhile, my thrall fell from the world. She got buried to her ears. Still, the rhino kept investing, although it couldn’t damage the thrall. It worked as a distraction. Got my revenge and the Jedias. Lucky. Had to rescue the thrall. Fortunately nothing of value was on her.

So… guys, how do you think a new player would deal with this? For people with experience, it’s all good. We know work arounds for practically everything. But for a new player? He would be foaming. Sure, he wouldn’t face the rhino king a few hours in the game, but let us remember the guy was invisible. So he and the thrall could get attacked and killed. Yes, because you still get stuck bellow his snout. You can’t roll out of it. You need to jump. New players have no idea. At lvl 10, two shots from that rhino and you’re dead.

I laughed about it all, because nothing of this was new to me, but can you imagine how someone starting the game would react? They would be asking for a refund, probably…

You guys need to put some more effort into fixing the game. New content is very cool, but if the base game works poorly, people lose interest.

Best wishes and thanks for the amazing game.


It’s really a shame. This game has such potential…


If I were to recommend this game to a friend, I would only do so if they had a PC with a powerful graphics card. All of the issues you mention are on PS platforms.


The jank has been a hurdle for getting this one’s associates to stick with the game.
Killed by invisible bosses isn’t something that everyone enjoys, even tho there isn’t much penalty for dying. It’s the frustration point.
Which is unfortunate, as this one’s list of PS friends on the game eroded during the Siptah drought and then collapsed when the Age of Sorcery dropped in it’s abhorrent state.

Mind you, this one lost all of the XBoX friends during the memory overflow bug that was left to fester for months a couple years back. Those people just never returned after that debacle.

There is an excellent game, but finding it under the jank can be a challenge not all are up for. Something about not wanting their distractions to be sources of frustration.


It is both frustrating and absurd that after several updates, the invisible flora and foliage is still happening.

This is a point which I had previously made, and firmly agree with. New players also will not have or know to pull out a star metal sickle to fix it either. It is not a good look.

I have now also seen a growing number of reports from members on both ps and xbox informing that when they log in they have lost ~30-60 mins of progress from the time of their log out.