Funny no one has mentioned it yet, but Golems impacting PvP massively

I am talking about the tar golems obviously. 90% slow in an area affecting everyone?

This reduces PvP to hyper armor spamming or dagger spam.

Mark my words, in a few weeks this will be a hot topic, when people realize how to abuse it. :wink:

It needs changed btw Funcom.

My first experience btw:


I mean, people were adding for a response to the SAV meta . . .

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PvPers: “We need nerfs for unbalanced meta builds!”

  • FC introduces a portable aoe nerf for unbalanced meta builds

PvPers: “Nooo, not like that!”


I mean… I’m not a PvPer but switching out one unbalanced meta for another unbalanced meta would upset me too.

An unhealable potato with low damage for a follower in exchange for area slowness I’d wager is still balanced

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I’m just going with what the OP said about dagger spam and tanking while in a pile of golem ooze, but time will tell!

Just need a video with terrible music, in a prebuilt arena, with everyone colored up like power rangers rolling around with spears to complete my bingo squares.


tbh @SirDaveWolf , followers in general negated actual pvp for a while. Most fights are hindered by thralls, with the saber still being a nuasance. I liked it beter when thralls were solely for base defense and pvp meant players on players. Wish there was a setting (or mod???) to revert back to that for pvp servers. But alas, i know FC has chosen pokemon pvp over actual pvp, so it is what it is. Grey lotus powder golem buffs 20% agi and str. Dont know if it affects all players or just clan mates. Add in player buffs and you could concievalbly get 》60% dmg buffs. Havent tested in pvp fully yet though.

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Who cares pvp? They only search for glitches and then cry about them. You always try to brake the game, someday the game breaks you😘


Good old times. Who doesn´t know the power rangers or darfari fighters. I have fond memories of it. When I first met Gogon he was so bad at pvp. But glitching into bases he could like a pro. :rofl:

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PvP in a nutshell:

PvP = Look to be the first to use exploit, raid and kill as much as you can to get ahead, come to forums and complain it needs to be nerfed. Cheaters join server, wipe server, repeat.

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If you had 90% cripple constantly when your trying to PVE, it would be a different story. :zzz:

Thank you for the power rangers reference.

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Spent the evening messing around with them a bit, the cripple is certainly something. It reminds me of hyena cripple except tuned up beyond reasonable. My first thought would be to run archer and send your golem(s) to zone any would be melees. You might hit your own golems, but that just procs more tar.

Could be we see ppl armoring up and “tower camping” their golem to try and set up favorable trades, I’d imagine those types of builds would suffer at running down ppl. Though I’m not sure you’d have to, it takes like 3 rolls to get out of the aura and it lasted more than 10 sec when procc’d.

FYI the lightning rod has a 2ish foundation splash damage when hit, that doesn’t hurt you (if you are close) or the golem (in my single player console testing).

Golems didn’t seem like they could be gassed or yezud orb spammed, which means they have to be poked to death. They seem cheap on official, so base defense is probably gonna get thiccer. Time will tell I guess. Whoever greenlit aoe 90% slow on a 20k hp thrall with immunity to dots is playing a different game than me, I think. Hope I’m wrong.

At least their combat AI seemed a little lacking.


not surprised by half the responses on this thread. echo chamber of anti pvp


Wait until you discover the rat

Well I already know how to play around it, but just warning you guys for the upcoming threads :slight_smile:

Because unexperienced players might get owned by that.

Keep in mind if you are dedicated you can mass craft them :slight_smile:

Only clan mates. We tested it :wink:


They actually get that, because the tar golem slow affects everyone :smiley: