Future Level Caps

Odonoptera was in Global today to give us information about the future level caps as they changed the way it is done.

Tomorrow, people will level to 59 (instead of 60), next week 69 (instead of 70), the week after 79 (instead of 80), and then 80.

I think the purpose of this is for spreading out the minis and duration of the Saga of Blood server.

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the purpose is to make minis playable for mellees and cut those insane op heals which are scaled up to lvl bracket.

exactly,lvl 60 minis with 79 heals and shield would be unplayable for meles as lvl 40 and even 50 was

So now pvp drop is useless?

At the next level cap this gear would be partially outdated.
And why there is no pvp gear from vendor in armory after lvl 50?

becuase it has never been :smiley: funcom is just lazy