Future of Conan. Theorems, suggestions, and opinions

Yeah but he already learned one thing so he’s reached his maximum limit of learning already. :rofl:

Ok, now you want to debate language. It has nothing to do with the topic but that’s cool, I’m always down to clown for some lingustic to-and-fro.

So here’s the thing, it’s you who are mistaken now, that’s not how idioms work. Idioms (like slang in general) are flexible and open to a range of interpretations. Side note: Having said that, if this is your personal interpretation of “I’m betting” then I understand now why you thought it was nonsense. I do see your perspective in this, but unfortunately that’s an individual and overly narrow interpretation that does not match general usage.

There is no specific, intrinsic interpretation of “I’m betting” that’s universal, it could mean 10% certainty, 90% certainty, or whatever, it means what the speaker thinks it means. If you were the one saying “I’m betting”, you have made it clear in this thread that your meaning would be that “you’re practically asserting a certainty”, but in general usage that is not something you can assume about other people and how they mean it. In terms of the level of certainty being described by the speaker there is no functional difference between saying, “I’m betting”, “I’m guessing”, or “I suspect” - in all three cases the only meaning that you can be certain of is that they feel like this is true or could be true, but in all three cases there is no degree of certainty that’s being expressed. The lack of a degree of certainty is what makes it idiomatic in the first place. You could ask 10 different people to quantify how certain they are, and most likely you’d get 10 different answers. Maybe I was a little certain, maybe I was a lot certain, either way it would have been a mistake on my part, but the mistake on your part was that you assumed a level of certainty without asking for clarification.

Keep in mind, at no point was an actual bet made, it was just a turn of a phrase. There’s a difference between someone actually making a bet, or even offering to make a bet, that has consequences associated with it vs. just using the phrase, “I’m betting” in conversation. Unless there is an actual bet being made it doesn’t communicate anything about level of certainty, it’s nothing more than a turn of a phrase. This is, of course, the problem with idioms in general, they lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings because individuals interpret them differently. But what can we do, idioms are everywhere, they exist in every language and they will always be subject to interpretation.

For example: There are literally, not figuratively, but literally, millions of people who use “literally” incorrectly. Unless… you consider idiomatic usage. When they say “literally” they don’t mean that they are speaking the literal truth, they are using the word to emphasize how strongly they feel about something. Like when someone says, “If I don’t get a drink I’m literally going to die of dehydration.” That idomatic usage is entirely non-literal, it’s not intended by the speaker to be literal, it’s intended to be an idiomatic usage of literal that actually means “figuratively”. The scholarly documentary series “Archer” does a wonderful and educational deep dive into this particular idiom.

There is no difference between saying, “I’m betting” or “I’m guessing” or “I think”, they are all equally broad and do not have any specific value or weight associated with them other than what the speaker is thinking when they say them.

Oh dear, not you too. Looks like you need to ask Deacon to borrow one of his many dead-horse-beating sticks. Talk about being a sore winner. If this is how you treat someone who admits, openly, in a public forum, that they made a mistake I can only imagine what a good sport you are when people defy you.

Which, again, if you weren’t so busy being a bad winner and a pedantic lecturer, you would be able to see that I already understand this, which should have been clear to you 20+ posts and 6 days ago. If this is your idea of a productive conversation when someone admits a mistake… it’s not.

Here, maybe this will make you feel better.

I was mistaken.
I did a mistake.
A mistaker was me.

Have I yet soothed the savage beast within your heart, do you need more of those?

I’m mistaking in the rain.
I am the mistake-man, coo-coo ka-choo.
All my mistakes will be lost in time, like tears in rain… Time to die.

I mean, I have more of them if that’s what you need to get over it. Does that satisfy your needs, are we good yet?

Wow, there’s even a casting couch! Anybody wants to make 5 grands a day? :joy:

Personally I’d like to know what is around the corner.
Changing release intervals from 3 months to 6 months makes me feel like there is less resources assigned to the game, and we are going to have the same amount of content we got every 3 months but in 6 month intervals instead.

I’d like to hear what is really going on, for example - yes Dune is our main thing and we moved all resources to it, but once it’s released Conan is going to get more love. Or - Conan does not generate any income so it’s not going to get any better folks - it is what it is.

Since the Ages have started I absolutely LOVED all the new additions to the game, but at the same time HATED changes to the old content.
Not because I cant adapt quickly etc, but because these were changes for the worse and they made some things less fun.

I’d like Funcom to make a poll asking us what we would like to have next. Because so far on few occasions scarce resources were spent on things nobody asked for, on things that were seen as a waste of dev time.

I really hope someone is going to wake up and game is going to make a turn towards the survival genre.

Let me reach around behind here and pull out an opinion.

Using this newest update as the lead for this new era, this update fixed only the latest, not the most profound bugs. So I expect some very weak “updates”.

So if you are still having fall through issues, server crashes due to purges, menus being uncooperative at best, get used to it. May be another month before we get some excuse why it’s not fixed yet.

And the bazaar will continue to roll on unaffected.

Dune will drop I’m thinking soon, like late summer early fall. Regardless you know it’s going to be a dumpster fire; name a new release that wasn’t the first week? Wont base my opinion on the first week.

It will sell well enough but the new will where off fast, the bugs will push transients out fast. The lorests are sure to find enough wrong with it to quit, and then it will be a scifi Conan. Wallowing in it’s own mediocrity. People really need to check some of funcom’s previous releases. They have an MO.


I could name several, but that’s bound to end in a No True Scotsman, because the biggest players in this industry have trained us to accept shіtty launches as the new normal.


Yeah, have to agree with that. Heck, as far as I can recall this has been true ever since 2001, with the release of Anarchy Online (or at least this has been true for their MMO’s, not really including “Fashion Week Live” in this discussion).

AO was set to take the world by storm, possibly even give EQ a run for its money and then AO… fell flat on its face due to a horrible, horrible launch. It was so bad that FC publicly asked reviewers to delay publishing reviews until they had time to fix how bad it was.

In spite of the fact that they have had multiple changes in leadership over the years, that seems to have never changed. There’s just something about the FC company culture that needs to start Day 1 of any new game with a dumpster fire.


I personally feel like it might be wanting too much of the wrong thing. For Dune, i think their aim to have large scale battles and a small(?) building system might cause friction. So content might go on the backburner while they continually put out fires, or it might simply not be as promised and envisioned initially.

Who knows, though. I am just a bit weary of the idea of large scale battles in games that aren’t mainly focused on literally just that, or simplistic enough when it comes to requirements for enjoyable play. MMOs such as ye olde Dark Age of Camelot for example did quite well with the whole idea and implementation.

For Conan Exiles? I honestly can’t tell at this point. ‘Large scale’ participation (read: 75% filled) on an official server seems like a headache for console at least. Add in the fact that even with 15 people/clans worth of bases on the map with the bare necessities (2 altars each, all crafting stations) the map can end up feeling quite small.

I’ll be honest, there’s a lot that is done well such as the combat system, building system and the overall world building but it’s like they start off early with a great unfinished thing and then just let it all kind of slowly gather moss and fall apart. There’s a lot of story elements on the EL map for example that are glaringly unfinished still.

I hope that is not what is in store for Dune because they clearly are capable of creating a game that -feels- fun to play when i compare CE to a lot of other survival games with a similar formula. But that can only go so far when it comes to player engagement.

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I can’t wait to not play dune.
I watched the dune movies and think they are nice, but i don’t care about the books, it’s just not of interest for me.

I also don’t know more than the movies when it comes to Conan.
BUT i always liked the setting and the freedom we had. It’s mind boggling how badly they altered it.

I wasn’t particularly interested in dune, but if they don’t fix Conan i won’t touch a FunCent product ever again.

I wonder if dune awakening might becomes something like the acolyte Star Wars show, just something people love to hate and watch going down in flames? :thinking: