Future of playable races?


i am very new to AoC in terms of hours played. i tried it years ago, didnt understand mmo at the time lol was lost. i love RE howards lore. i was super excited to get back into this after 100s of hours spent on ps4 with Exiles. this is by no means a b!@#h or gripe, i was just wondering if there is any plan to have more playable races. i enjoyed in Exiles playing as my actual race would have ie i was a stygian priest, a khitani assassin, and a cimmerian barbarian. and while there is a s#!t ton of content to keep one occupied for years. a part of me cant help but want to play a Hyrkanian raider or Zamorian thief. so i was just curious if there has ever been talk of expanding the roster so to speak. there i am sure is a post some where that cover exactly this topic but i will damned if i can find one :face_with_monocle: . thanks for reading this drawn out simple question lol​:crazy_face:


It’s been proposed several times in the past, but since the game is basically in maintenance mode right now, I don’t think it’s going to happen.
There are hints that suggests that Funcom might have considered to introduce the Turan race, when they released the Ardashir expansion, but in the end they didn’t.


Maintenance mode was dropped. It no longer says so in the patcher. Not only that, while new stuff is slow, it is slowly speeding up. I would say it’s slowly catching up


The patcher never did say anything about maintenance mode.
The official word about maintenance mode was found in one of Funcom’s financial reports where they said that they had no plans for any major work on AoC. That has not changed AFAIK.
We have seen an increase in the amount of attention payed to AoC from Funcom, true - but still nothing major, and no hints of anything major in the future.

Minor changes and additions will likely be done, and I expect we can see some more Saga servers in the future.


Actually, before the first patch that arrived…what end of last year? It explicitly said Maintenance (mode?) in the next planned patch area of the patcher.


I think you are referring to the word maintenance in a sense that a server maintenance is happening (as it is sometimes stated in the patcher), the maintenance mode ErikT is meaning is referring to the state of the game, the devs wont do anything beyond restarting servers and create smaller patches / content like the saga servers (that don’t require as much programming and man power than a full expansion or something like that) - this is often called maintenance mode, as an “unofficial term” (by players, a dev wouldn’t say that).

In the patcher the description for the next patch isn’t always cohesive, sometimes it says maintenance sometimes it says restart and sometimes hotfix but in the end they are pretty much the same.


It said Maintenance (mode) for a year if not more (I only returned a year before patching began again)


While the patcher may have said something about “Maintenance” it would have referred to server maintenance which is done on a semi-regular basis and is just done to keep the servers running smoothly.
This type of maintenance may be as simple as rebooting the servers, which for some time at least was done on a weekly basis as workaround for certain bugs.

The patcher has not said anything about the general state of the game or its development, and definitely never said that the game was in maintenance mode.




thank you guys for the responses. i will be busy for quite some time with whats offered. i was just curious as to the future plans/ideas. i assumed the majority of FC focus to be on Exiles as it is the new conan ip. i prefer mmo, or really any hotkey rpg over the survival game play, myself. i would like to see and i would purchase future content down the road if they are inclined to make it lol.



I was talking about this in few other dicussions, though one is in (General Discussion) and mines is in (Thirsty Dog)…

Most definitely they could introduce the Shem/Shemites, with the inclusion of also Argos, Ophir, Zingara and/or Zamora pertaining to the story of King Conan by R.E.H. of “Scarlet Citadel”


Not so much like if they incline or they will not… I figure more along the likes that they need little more help to make way for a great amount of coding and setup for another major launch-expansion, but we definitely in the year, on the tenth anniversary of Age of Conan; keep an ear for the drum-beats of war!