Game and Endowment Physics

Wasn’t sure what to put this under, so I just put it under Suggestions. I have a theory on why some of the physics may be failing. I was thinking about it and tried a few things out to see if I could get them to reset, I was successful, but they were still only temporary. The only thing I can think of that may be causing these problems is the load order of every thing in-game. It starts with the endowment physics (breasts only because I’m playing on xbox and Microsoft won’t allow full nudity so I have no way of testing the male endowment). After a few seconds of play physics start to gradually dissipate, which I believe may be do to other more important engines running in the background and the loading of NPCs, buildings, and the landscape.

First test: I noticed that the hair and clothing physics went static, so in order to retore them I needed to strip naked and equip something that I had made vs something I had spawned in via admin panel. But this was only temporary.

Second test: So i unequipped every thing removed everything from my inventory, and went to an area of the map where my base or anything I had spawnd via the admin panel wouldn’t render. This completely restored hair and clothing physics, and I even saw slight restoration of endowment physics but they slowly faded back to static again.

Third test: when I logged out and back in hair and clothing remaind active, endowment had slite restoration come back on for a short period again. So I removed everything from inventory and person and returned to the start point of the game logged out and logged back in. The endowment physics were completely restored, for a short time again though. But this has been the only way I have found to completely restore them.

Final thought: the reason it fixed the immediate endowment physics, but not the long term effect of the degrading of them over is because it is one of the first things on the load order, and once the larger more demanding files start to load it gets pushed aside and slowly stops working. This could also be the issue with some of the other bugs that have been reported in the past. Just a thought, correct me if I’m wrong. Just thought I’d put my two-cents in.

Think this would fall under Xbox bugs technically, but you’re right, it doesn’t exactly fit an exact category.

Unlike a lot of game mechanics in Conan Exiles, physics is one of the things I know pretty much close to zero about. So, sounds like as good of a theory as any to me.

If true, I wonder if there is a test case one could set up on a machine that’s less, the same, and/or more powerful then the Xbox. Logic would suggest that if your theory was correct, that a system with more video RAM or general RAM could avoid this issue, or at least delay it (@Barnes maybe could use his technical know how on the subject).

One question I had about all of this though is was, are you running off a private server or single player? If single player, could the same test be replicated? Your Xbox would likely require less power on a server since it doesn’t need to be in charge of rendering the world (single player) because the server is taking care of that.

I am on single player, and now that you mention it I’ve noticed that most of the players having similar issues were on single player. But the only reason I believe it to be an issue with the load order and not a RAM issue is, it reminds me of when fallout 4 added mods on the xbox and some mods specifically said they needed to be placed at the bottom of the load order so they didn’t interfere with other mods, and they the same type of mods. I even had the game crash just by changing the load order. See this is why I’m trying to switch over to PC I could make sure whether or not it’s a RAM issue. I don’t know how to go about getting someone else to test my theory lol

No insult intended about your console’s hardware, in any of the next text. I’m a PS2/PS3/PS4 super-fan. I know what my boxes are capable of.

If I can emulate the XBOX on PC hardware by simplifying the architecture and reducing the number of active buses and threads, I can fairly easily test out your theory. I don’t need to, however, because I have an i3 PC with easily-accessible RAM and an almost-identical video system on-board. What you’re saying is consistent with my gaming experience on that machine under these conditions.

Did you notice the general “smoothing” of the contours of the character? Mine began to look like plastic-man after a short while in a big base. The pecs on my toon also move, and that begins to diminish over time.

Without getting into the programming, what this generally appears to be is load priority. As in “jiggle and ab definition” are down quite low on the prio list. It can be reproduced on a similarly-specced PC. You’re not wrong on your greater inferences; as a server operator and player I could, without going into specifics, create environments where this prioritization causes unusual results on lower-end PCs.

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So then that begs the question of it being up to the devs fixing the character model and physics to have more priority, at least for consoles. I’m just assming, but it would be a fairly easy fix on PC via mods.

Update: following step three I logged out again this time exited the entire game and force stoped it via the xbox home screen and logged back in. All physics were completely restored, the endowment physics did fade slightly at first but returned to full operation after returning to the area where I built my base odly enough. The only thing I’ve done different since originally starting the game was not equip any chest armor of any type.


I’ve mention it before, but…

On Ps4 side, it turns off ussally under few instances. (even if your running default body size)

  • when to much is going on, its one of 1st things the game kills it seems. It’ll often turn back on with moving to another area, or teleporting. This is almost always clothes and hair. Breast rarely turn off for me. (i’m 1-2 clicks over from smaller size)

  • changing clothes near alot of objects. Kinda like 1st one. Its rare it happen out in middle of no where. It’ll turn on or it wont. (teleporting away tends reset it)

  • Sandstorms. Just SS by itself… seem stay kicked in, But if i’m near a enemy base/camp it’ll kick off. But often turn on after.

  • Amount of time played… kinda same as 1st one. But after hour or 2. The ps4 memory (like most games) starts fill up and stuff starts not working.
    But this one effects alot of things. I think longest I manage to stay playing is about 7 hours. By 5-6hr mark… npc were loading weird, attacks were laggy, cloths, breasts, hair on anyone wasnt working.

Closing game out and restarting it fixes all of it.

Thou… I notice loading into my Base (facing it, or in it) would have hair and clothes off. But being outside my front door facing away. It would stay on. (thou my thralls would have it off, but would turn on once base was loaded)

I also found, when loading into game, NOT moving even when game gives me full control for 20-30seconds helped.

I have a few PSN’s I play over.(well 1 online, rest ps4 accounts) Most are smallest height. (which is one of causes, not being default size) But I have one who is default, she encounters it alot less.

I own Digital NA and EU DISC, they both play about same.

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That actually gives me alot to work with as far as figuring out if there are sever settings I can just shut off to allow more memory dedication for physics. The combat actions is the big one, when they start lagging that’s when it starts to really hurt the gameplay. But fortunately it’s usually the last one for me to get affected by what I’m assuming is the same issue but on a larger scale.

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