Game breaking hacks and a history of silence & inaction

Being rude, racist or otherwise unruly is never acceptable and I don’t condone it. I understand getting upset, believe me, because I’m so passionate about this game and I want it to succeed. So when my real life time investment, months worth of work, gets pulled out from under me at no fault of my own and further, the company I paid for a working product refuses to even attempt making it right to keep me playing and paying for their future DLCs, it gets me incredibly frustrated. But that frustration can be expressed in a civil and constructive manner.

I appreciate the discussions being had in this thread and reading differing opinions, even if I don’t agree with all of them, but I BEG everyone to keep this civil.

I am, if nothing else, grateful that my post has been allowed to stay up to get dialogue going amongst people, even if staff involvement has been absent.

I’ve always wondered if premium servers would be successful in a game like this. I personally would be willing to pay a monthly subscription, similar to many other games, to play on a server or servers that offered in-game support. So that Funcom could afford to staff someone on to help police cheaters quickly to minimize damage done.


Big (huge) like. Most people start crying and arguing over words.


I might disagree with Taemien on many counts, but he’s completely right here.

Maybe you haven’t been around these forums enough, maybe you haven’t paid that much attention, or maybe you were just lucky enough to not see the racism. Who knows. All I can say is that your summary wasn’t really close to the mark.

That last bit, the one about politics, is the closest you got.

Just two days ago, I had the “privilege” of witnessing a whole thread where a bunch of people went off the rails. The thread was deleted – not just locked down and unlisted, but completely removed – so I can’t link to it. And naming the idiot who started it would be against forum rules, so I can’t do that either.

Suffice it to say that it was full of people vomiting acid and bile about how “Funcom is CCP”. Now I don’t give a rat’s аss about whether you think that’s racist or not. It’s racist, it’s stupid, it’s crazy, and it’s not welcome.

Oh, and let’s not forget that other thread where someone was explaining how Funcom is messing up the game because that’s Norwegian culture.

But sure, there’s no racism on these forums and people are just “crying and arguing over words”.

That said, I wish racism was the biggest problem on these forums. At least racism is easy for moderators to deal with. Other forms of toxicity are much more prevalent and much harder to clean up, which is why most of the nice people I’ve met here have stopped posting.


You are right in a point, we all paid, yes still…
I play this game 2 years now, I didn’t pay more than 100 Euro since now for it and I play almost only this. So if I do some math 100 Euro/ 25 months = 4 euro per month, a pack of cigarettes every month is not equal to the beautiful experience this game gave me the past 2 years, so allow me to be grateful and not ungry, because in these difficult times paying 4 euro per month for your hobby is nothing, it doesn’t even give you the right to say that you pay for the game. Some other people pay more, but a lot pay less. Still if I had all the dlcs maybe I would pay 200, 8 euro per month, disaster I am bankrupt.


Noo… People should not compare it like that, who cares if you play game thousand hours? Then You divide price… That’s just stupid, don’t try to justify it coz people like you are reason we are robbed by companies that do this.

Games should be made 100% working on release and this stupid habit of releasing buggy mess should stop. Don’t even try to tell me it’s open world game, its impossible - it’s possible, there’s many examples. Compare Bethesda buggy mess Fallout 76 to Outer Worlds which was almost bugless.

Just don’t be like that, fight for your rights to pay for WORKING product you buy. We deserve more than that.

Please don’t start with this. I can assure you the posts I removed from this thread included pejoratives for Asian people. We don’t tolerate bigoted speech here nor do we allow for unfounded claims (See: “Accusation Rule” under Social Guidelines)


I don’t believe it was a bunch of people. I think it was one with multiple accounts.


That was me yaayy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously: I referred to that people who flag other’s comments when they just wrote down: “a chinese clan” did the undermesh, or a “russian clan” did the speedhackz etc. etc., and start crying: HOW DARE YOU to show the world how respectful they are (they are NOT). I don’t know what started it and when it started, but getting butthurt over the simplest things is just…not good.

I f you say “all * insert race here * are garbage/hackers” that’s kinda racist. (Not to mention, I bet 99% of the time those people start yelling the ITSRACIST!! keywords who has nothing to do with that situation.)
I’m from a region where there are a lot of confrontations between hungarians and gypsies, and saying words to each other is the smallest thing, it’s not even considered as racism anymore.

So yes, calling a group (for example:) chinese, because 100% of the members are chinese are not racist and shouldn’t be handled that way. We should show respect to each other, but we are not made out of glass to break from such small things.

Agree, would be cool. But let’s be honest: that will never happen, there are a lot of people of here with different backgrounds, different thinking, different opinions. Debates/arguments were, are and always will be.

I agree. Too many people now adays think that reffering to a group of people to single them out for bad actions is racist. I bet if you said “That group of Americans is hacking” you wouldnt hear one word on racism. And that, is due to PC culture pushed by liberals in the world, and not a discussion for the forums.

Point is, its not racist to call a clan out for cheating, be they American, Canadian, Russian, Chinese or any other nationality. Even if the accusations are false, its not racism.

What we do have from Funcom though, is a repeating pattern of not supporting the “victim” in the case of hacks or exploits, but rather reshape the game to “hide the accused” thinking that they are being falsely accused. That is what has people unhappy.


Thank you for taking the time to remove the offending posts rather than the thread itself.


I’ve really noticed the changes in the forum over the last few months. I straight up believe at this point that there’s a small group of people with multiple accounts that deliberately post misinformation and create incendiary posts just to cause drama and drive people away.

Now where did I put my tinfoil hat?


This is… this is…
Simply is.

Thank you.

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Before you start reading I beg you to take no offense to the following. The rules of forum stands in a foundation frase

agree even when you disagree

Witch happens to be a very wise one and I happen to respect the most. So every time in the past I didn’t follow this advice, rule you name it, I got over heated and several members of this forum misunderstood me. Thankfully I am more than a year in this forum, i’ ve made a lot of friends and we understand each other. I am really sorry I have no memory what is your age in this forum or the game, there for I type this message to get know each other better. I will judge the game, though I don’t know if I have the right to do it, just for you to understand my way of view.
I believe that this game is still tier 2, it has a really long way to become tier 4 for several reasons.
It has many issues and unfortunately many hacker attacks that this is the reason @Ruinous created this post.
Still this tier 2 game, with issues, is the game that kept me more than any tier 4 game I ever played since 1985 that I got my first Atari :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Believe me this fingers have played a lot.
There for i will keep my original financial statement, for what I 've gained from this game I have paid nothing and to this conclusion is not only the game it self but this forum too. Because this forum is one of the tier 4 parts of this game, still this is my opinion my friend, this is how I feel things are and I really wish you have the will to understand me. Thank you very much for your time :+1:.

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I would say to not close all. Keep a few open and add moderation to them. That’s 2-3 people on Funcom side working as server admins.

Those server admins should stay in touch with the game as well. Play actively and test/observe their game on live systems. Gather data and relay it to the devs. Figure out METAs etc. So Funcom will be closer to their game. See what is going on on PvP servers. And I can assure you, they will be able to do better balance changes than just “nerf into oblivion”.

Just my 2 cents.


That’s great idea, just leave 5 servers each region with admins so they can manage and also test / play / see how things should be also balance-wise.

Most of them are empty anyway, but like i said before they probably have contract for now…

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Hi everyone. I was always interested in how game breaking hacks are found, is there a protocol or is it all individually.

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I’ve made that suggestion before.

But my personal opinion was requested :stuck_out_tongue:

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The problem with shutting down only a few servers, it would technically be wiping those players. And funcom has a no wipe rule.

Since most of those servers are empty, it could be solved by transferring characters to the remaining servers… And let the fight begin!!! :slight_smile: