Game crashes placing elevator

Game mode: g portal server [AU/NZ] Age OF Calamitous.
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvP
Region: Oceania

When Placing a elevator game crashes.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Elevator in hot bar
    2.When selecting game crashes.
  2. Yesterday had no issues in placing elevators.
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I have been able to replicate this as well. Private Server, PvP, running Pippi and AoC mods. Was fine yesterday, just started today since the hotfix. Put elevator on hotbar, select and boom, crash.

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I can report the same issue. Running client on private Server, PvP, Pippi and AoC mods. When I place elevator in hotbar and select the item the client crashes. The issues started today after installing update and hotfix.

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All Modded servers are affected by the hotfix to Patch 37. Until FunCom do another update (likely to the DevKit), no mods can be reliably updated. Perhaps FunCom have a cunning plan as to why the ‘canbeplaced’ code and master placeable causing the issue were changed?

If you test just loading up only the PIPPI mod for example (do on Solo of course and post a backup if you have a solo game ongoing). All appears to work till you try placing any of the ten or so PIPPI placeables. You will get a Fatal Crash.

As no other mods are loaded, and you will get a Fatality if you try placing anything from any mods with placeables, then technical fault diagnostic process flow points more to the use of any mods or the core game no longer being compatible with mods than with any specific mods.

I have seen that all of the Modders for the major-player mods are now awaiting FunCom on this. Therefore all server and their respective players, will not be playing Conan Exiles till updates are done - a day/weekend of rest ahead perhaps. In my irrelevant opinion, this might be an excellent communication opportunity for FunCom to grab a cuppa cocoa (beverage of choice) and then send out a general comm stating that (a) there are indeed issues; (b) the issues are being resolved; © there will be continued feedback during the day; and (d) we are very sorry that this has happened.

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And it looks like FunCom peeps are doing everything that can be done to resolve this. Faith restored. Kitty treats handed out. And Mod-Authors starting the long slog of getting their awesome mods new and shiny and up to date.

:beer: @Ignasi

Same issue with placing of elevators as well. Not running Pippi or AoC.


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Off topic but game crashed now the server is gone?

I’m having the same crash (also using Pippi, along with other mods). Tested on single-player without mods and both elevators may be placed without a crash, so looks like we’re waiting on Funcom to update the DevKit so that the mod developers can update their mods properly.

List of modid/mods and their load order if it matters:

  1. 1823412793/ModControlPanel.pak
  2. 880454836/Pippi.pak
  3. 880177231/Pythagoras.pak
  4. 1382183303/Pythagoras_Support_Beams.pak
  5. 1444947329/LBPR_Collision_Update_Add_On.pak
  6. 897947497/WoPPlus.pak
  7. 1657730588/Improved_Quality_of_Life.pak
  8. 1629644846/KerozardsParagonLeveling.pak
  9. 1765361591/SandstormFix.pak
  10. 1673617274/COOP_Boss_HP.pak
  11. 1456186728/Exiled_lands_improved.pak
  12. 931088249/BetterThralls.pak
  13. 884168480/LitManThrallPlacingDistance.pak
  14. 1802389425/ThrallSideKick.pak
  15. 1794741816/testmod2.pak
  16. 1467634310/Tier4_Thrall_Half_Increased_Spawn.pak
  17. 1666355337/LBPR_Fish_Shell_Trap_Fix.pak
  18. 1491981725/Less_Building_Placement_Restrictions_No_NPC_Camps.pak
  19. 877108545/UnlockableContainers.pak

Updated dev kit is out. I see a lot of my mods in your list so I made sure it wasn’t one of mine. It’s not Pippi either.

You may want to try eliminating a couple of them at a time on a test save in Single Player. The one’s I’m not sure about are (and have no idea why any of them would affect it but whatever):

  1. 897947497/WoPPlus.pak
  2. 1657730588/Improved_Quality_of_Life.pak
  3. 1456186728/Exiled_lands_improved.pak
  4. 1794741816/testmod2.pak
  5. 877108545/UnlockableContainers.pak

The only mods that you and @ocman6220 share in my not sure list is Exile_Lands_Improved and WoPPlus.

Side Note:

(You don’t need this one by the way, a server setting has been available for a long time for this)

  1. 884168480/LitManThrallPlacingDistance.pak

If Single Player:

Navigate to → \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Open ServerSettings.ini

Set ThrallExclusionRadius=500.000000, to ThrallExclusionRadius=1

If Server, you’ll have to open your ServerSettings.ini via FTP.


Great, thanks @Multigun for narrowing down the culprit mod! One less mod to load is happy times indeed. :slight_smile:

So I removed 884168480/LitManThrallPlacingDistance.pak, then tested each of the other five you listed one at-a-time. Removing 1456186728/Exiled_lands_improved.pak was the only one that needed removal to allow me to select, and place, both the horizontal and vertical elevators. I’ve posted on to point them here if they can update their mod to fix the issue.

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Game crashes for literally nothing when trynna log in in loading screen lol it’s so stupid

Yeah, unfortunately the issue during the week was not isolated to a couple of mods I understand, but seems to have had more of an effect on all mods that include placeable items whether build or craftstation. On my server we have been following up with the respective mod-designers to find out if/when updates will happen.

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The update on September 10 of Exiled Lands Improved fixes this issue for me.

not only with elevator, when i try to place a sandstone roof, it get crashed all the time.

Check your mods.

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