Game problems and difficulties

I’m having problems with the puppet by pressing a key and I already went to options and reconfigured to the original settings of the keys but it never works I always press a button on the keyboard that locks the puppet and all its attack actions and spells and it just stays stuck even when I go to the exit game option of the game the game comes out but I think I’m not the only one who goes through this in age of conan unchained anyway the doll doesn’t do anything else he can’t do any action except run he only gets beating from the monsters on the map he is completely disarmed and useless help me please and I’m looking to know someone has to make videos and post on youtube about the action bars of the game how to increase them because I see advanced players and they have gigantic bars full of magic skills like in wow at the bar and I haven’t discovered until now how to polas and increase them in several other games and it’s very simple but it’s been very difficult for me because I’ve never played it please help me if anyone if you can contact discord Yakuza#3171 to explain what is happening

Perhaps you press the auto run button?

Regarding the icon size. Check this link :

DIY Guide - How to display all buffs (and increase buff size)(and-increase-buff-size