Game will not fiinish Loading!

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  1. Turned off all mods
  2. Uninstalled game on Steam and Reinstalled
  3. Start game with no mods active
  4. Choose Co-op/single player
  5. Choose easy and click Load
  6. Watching the word loading… for 3 hours!

I am guessing an North American server as that is where I live.

That’s all that happens. I have 504 hours on my Steam account in this game. I was able to play in December of 2019 and now I cannot!

Also if I choose PVP or PVE no servers appear on the list with filter set to ‘all’ and ‘internet’ connection.

I read the command prompt work around but I don’t want to wreck all of my other online games just to play yours, especially since I have been playing it already.

Thank you

If you’re playing single player you’re not on a server you are on your own computer.
did you validate currently installed files via Steam?

The data base for the game could be corrupt. Have you tried going back to an earlier save?


You said you reinstalled, sometimes not all files get removed like the game.db

delete game.db and rename one of the game_backup_##.db to game.db

You could also just try renaming game.db to save your progress then try a new SP game.

Not seeing servers in the server list is usually because the game version isn’t current.

Huh? I can’t find any information on this, Is it a windows command prompt? because that only activates windows executable files, like starting a program. or running system tools

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Hey @SkinnyLegs

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Adding to what @droch-aon suggested, please also make sure to have valid read/write permissions in the folder where your game and save files are installed.


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