Gear inside structure


I logged in and I was inside someone else’s structure, in this case a map room. My only option to move was to remove bracelet and come back to retrieve my gear, however, as I suspected may happen my gear in now inside the structure, Its gone isn’t it?

You can retrieve your corpse with sorcery:

I doubt they can level the character in sorcery fast enough to get that established and recall the body.

To the OP, it’s a hard lesson to learn. If you decide to leave the game for a bit, you need to find a place that cannot be built on or at a lower risk to be built on. I see too many old alphas logging off in their primo alpha spot and then shocked that someone else now is built in it 6 months later…like some how the primo spot stops being a fought after real estate when they leave leave the game.

Your stuff is most likely gone. The best case scenario is that the new owner of that space found your body in the 10-15 minute timeframe and collected everything and is willing to give it back to you…which is to say a slim chance to none.

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It was an existing structure, but your advice is still valid as when i logged back in and re-spawned it dropped me down to ground level, not on top of the platform i was standing on when I logged out, so a slight risk - though to be fair, I’ve often logged off in my own property at various levels and arrived back where I was originally stood. If I ever have to log off in someone else’s buildings I will ensure I am at ground level in future.

I am a fully leveled sorcerer, but I had a 3 star rocknose purge earlier this week and much of my buildings need to be rebuilt, so I doubt once I am back up and running I can get gear back anyway. Doesn’t it expire after 30 mins or so?

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