-Get rid of enemy thrall distance recall-

   Thralls tend to bug out since this update, especially boss thralls that lose all AI function and become invincible making keys almost impossible to get. Boss thralls were lured to gain an advantage over alpha clans, luring enemies was only ever a problem when they were able to damage buildings outside of the damage structure setting being turned off. Lone players have no way to kill bosses either with the short amount of distance given to battle them, sometimes even ending up in fights lasting hours for bosses to warp back to their spawns at full health instantly because they pushed you into a corner too far. Please consider ONLY using this new mechanic on player tamed thralls.
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I think having the original “leash system” restored would be nice. I’m curious if this is the reason why my follower intermittently chooses to attack or observe.


Let me get this straight. You want the leash mechanic removed because:

  • you want to boss pull on alpha clans

  • boss fights take hours

  • bosses are invincible

From my experience, boss pulling is the main reason why this was implemented to prevent grieving. Better have this system in place instead of banning hundreds of players.

Bosses can be solo killed under 1 min, since their hp was nerfed.

Bosses are not invincible.

Adding leash mechanic to AI has to be the best change we got with the thrall update and I disagree with your suggestion.


Just because the bug isn’t happening to you doesn’t mean it automatically doesn’t exist or not need to be fixed. Bosses walk a few dozen feet and their AI completely break. Solo players like myself need more space spending over two hours stabbing at a bosses with calculated maneuvers where you can die in a single blow or can spend two hours dragging a boss to someones base where it still does not do structure damage with it on. Player bases and structures are protected from enemies outside of raid hours so I believe its fair.


If I recall, luring AI was an intended mechanic using jhebbal sags lures and can’t be considered “Griefing” especially with what @Twiggy said about updates to structures to non purge thralls, even with different types of lures for bosses to low level animals. This update broke that mechanic which I know some used on my server even though the lures are not much more efficient than baiting enemies but were a staple for purge defence for some.

Like other thread on this… lets try waiting for some tweaks to system before we throw it in trash can right away. =3


I hope, the red dragons spawn return distance the worst out of all the creatures because its size is literally its AOE making it unkillable for solo players when it regens after walking a marbles distance, im annoyed that I cant get the breath of the red mother because of this stupid flaw stuck with the maddening 5 minute torch. Red dragon was already OP enough and then they added sliding to its attacks so it moves towards you when it attacks.

Just tried to solo her and these are literally the boundries where it fully regenerates its HP if it sticks a part of its body outside these lines. I could not kill it even with all the food I could hold, shields don’t seem to work on her anymore either. Gave my thrall my godbreaker and the thrall ended up dragging it across the line when it did the scream so it fully regenerated.

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Sounds like a bug. Last time I went to fight her (last week) I had no trouble murderizing her. I’ll see if I have time to test this today after work.

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This isn’t a glitch, its the spawn return boundries set by the devs in the new leash system are far too small. Once the creature goes past one of the lines they regenerate their HP and become immortal until they return to their spawn. I had a volcano thrall in full GB with crom and the fight ended up going past those boundries three differen’t times before my thrall could kill it or the thrall became a plant in the mesh. Its impossible for a player themselves to combat the red mother because there is no room for manuevering before you move past the boundries and it follows.

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I redrew my stats in an attempt to make a tank build with godbreaker and got close to killing it but my thrall just gets stuck in the ground and the tail spin keeps knocking me out of the boundries and it continues to regen to 100 health

I thought the red mothers sliding along with other speed buffs to bosses when the players back was turned was intentionally added after the health debuff traded for that combat skill in the patches? This is not lag and a few on my server I own have complained about this issue which I myself made a post already about this and is the only time I usually ever come here when my server pushes me about it, but I have arena boss events on my server so for my players they can still obtain items these bosses drop elsewhere. I have seniored 22 other servers since 2018 and the only way to bring changes like this is to post about it and support other posts with the same topic. I believe these are not bugs but hasty changes to creature spawns and lack of in-game testing on the devs part. If this was not brought up now we would be waiting 12 hot patches or 3 updates later for this to be addressed. AI were programmed in the update to retreat back to their spawns with health protection when the boundries are crossed.

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Single handedly a few players on my server could not nor could I with unlimited stam and GB because of the tiny leash distance but it isnt much of an issue on my server since we have spawned in on arena events and the console spawned variant isnt leashed to a spawn so its fine to fight and easy for others to obtain those items in those events and our arena is quite large, got posted on the funcom facebook page a while back and has been rebuilt every wipe. My servers difficultly is set to the highest difficultly and it seems @Twiggy’s is as well with his torch time being the same so it may be different on your server.

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admins didnt care much when I mentioned this and we dont have events, most people on my server are americans from the south and only bother with people they actually know, thats the reason why im solo along with the last server I was on that died had the same vibe. There is nothing else we can do about this issue but i hope the devs read this like you said.

You can join my server if you want (Blood Moon). The name tends to reset to the old one sometimes (Revival RP). Our clans are welcoming and I think I have an extra red mother torch you can have if you join.

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Just killed Red Mother 7 times in a row using venom infused daggers and a level 5 Lian. Just came back to this topic to let you know she did not regen once.

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I have had the same issue several times in the past few weeks which is why I eventually decided that the katana isn’t worth my time. I might have to add that I’m on console, so I’m still on the previous version. My thrall always gets stuck in the ground after the red mother does this ground slam attack so that I have to get him back out. To get him out I have to run in circles and spam the return command while avoiding the attacks of the red mother. Even if I stay in the corrupted area, she sometimes walks back to regen before my thrall is even out of the ground again.


Tried with the festering one, 100 snake arrows plus that annihilates the arena champion plus poison dagger bonus combo, knocks me out of the ring and regenerates the entirety of its HP before I can kill it. Held a mini last night and no one could manage to kill it at spawn solo.

I just went and tested the Red Mama on my Single-Player. Between myself and my, um, very helpful Captain’s Bodyguard Undina (who spent half the time cowering behind her shield and the rest of the time sunk in the sand) we were able to keep the Mama interested for the whole fight until she went soaring through the air, bounced off the ruined bridge and fell back to the ground, quite dead. I didn’t witness any unusual behavior.

I approached her as usual, from the north, shot an arrow in her eye to pull her out of the Corrupting area, and then caused her death with a thousand venom-infused paper-cuts. It went like it had gone dozens of times before.

@Davies677: is your server modded perhaps? Trying to narrow the cause of this abnormal behavior by Mommy Dearest by eliminating the usual suspects.

I don’t understand. Isn’t the difference between difficulty settings that the player does less damage, and NPCs do more damage? But as long as you’re fighting the NPC and the NPC is fighting back, why should it reset?