Ghost of Telith still missing

On Telith’s Island, there should be a ghost. It doesn’t appear, though.

It’s not gamebreaking, has no influence on PvP, but… it’s a piece of lore missing from the game, which might close some of the gaps in the Exiled Lands’ history.

If it’s not possible or too much effort, maybe at least put a lorebook there that has the dialogue in written form.


I haven’t checked yet whether they have finally added the mummy of the ring in yet. It wouldn’t surprise me if they haven’t done that yet. Until they do I still consider the base game to be unfinished. There are a number of places where you hear where a ghost should be appearing but they do not. Such as the harlot’s journal near that black hand camp. I’m guessing Funcom doesn’t consider these things to be important, they’re wrong.


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