Wanted: Telith, dead or alive!

Wanted: Telith, wife of Tyros the Kinscourge

Crimes: withholding vital Conan Exiles lore,

Last seen: 2017 or 2018

Description: current looks unknown, possibly translucent ghost

Reward: eternal glory, 100 Age of Conan gold pieces or an all-paid vacation at the Pits of Yog - your choice!

Telith, wife of Telos, was last seen in 2017 or 2018 at Telith’s Island. She reportedly told more about Telos’ sad life. Maybe she even explained who Imi was. She possibly vanished in or before August 2017, but was reported to having been seen as late as 2018.

Anybody who has memories, pictures or even video of her is called upon by the authority of the Aquilonian Bureau of Investigation to post it here or in this unnamed youtuber’s comments:

Some of the comments posted there:

Telith’s ghost was in early access but with the addition of the jungle for full release the lemurian stone was placed where she stood. The journey step was completed merely by entering the ruin with the stone no interaction was necessary.

I have played since August 2017 when the Frozen North was released, which included all the Tyros lore and the the dungeon and the area in question. Was there many times, built in that area and never ever was there a ghost there.

She was definitely there at one point, but that’s going back well over half a decade now (sometime in late 2017 I think). I can vaguely remember seeing her not long after Frozen North released. I don’t remember her having any lore, but that might just be because I didn’t interact with her at the time for whatever (probably bear related) reason.

I’ve been here before the jungle, before the frozen north, and I can tell you with 100% certainty, that before they even added those witch queen Lore stones to the north and the ruined castle to that island, there was in fact a female ghost there. I don’t remember if she was interactable or not, but I remember wondering who she was and why she was there. But after full release she was gone.

Im pretty sure i remember a ghost there… As someone else said they added the witch queen stone with release of the jungle

I can swear I have seen her at one point during early access. (Been playing since early release). Sorry I can’t offer more.

Been playing since early access and she disappeared about that time and since then I just have given up on her.

For me i was playing in ps4 version in 2018-2019 and i dont really remember a ghost beeing there ,so i am not sure if it existed inthe ps4 version of the game

Ther[e] was, a ghost ther[e]. […] It was in early access. I don’t remember if it was possible to talk to her, but I don’t think so. If I’m not mistaken, she was near the flowers and the sound that remained was her lament.

I am very confident she was definitely there at least for some people, at some point. Lol. I’ve been playing since the first day of EA and I remember the island being one of the first places I visited after the Frozen North update and a female ghost being there. I also remember when I got the journey step on a new character heading back there and not being able to find her and I’m fairly sure that was before EA ended but I can’t be sure.

Thanks to all the posters on youtube! Your memories is all we have so far. :slight_smile:

P. S.:
Some previous threads from the forums. The forum search is a bit problematic because some idiot posted about Telith’s ghost missing in every f’ing thread for two years.

2022 unanswered bug report:

2023 bug report with some interesting answers:

A 2020 discussion about Telith and (annoyingly) Isle of Siptah:

Another 2020 discussion about the whispers on her island:

This 2021 discussion has few clues about the game asset, but lot’s of cool speculation about the lore:

I’m pretty sure that Dennis mentioned in a video stream that they had looked for any assets but couldn’t find any.

P. P. S.: Also, Telith’s ghost is still missing.


We’ll see crossbows in general play and the Mummy of the Ring implemented about the same time as Telith’s ghost returns.

Have you not noticed a pattern that there is a far greater will to reinvent the wheel or just begin something new than finish or fix what is already in play?


I have, and I have critized this behaviour several times. But I’m stubborn: Failure is not a reason to give up, but to try again.


I am always down with expanding upon and fleshing out the lore. It is already rich immersive and engaging, but I would love any effort to make a good thing even better.

RE: Reinventing the wheel and jumping to new things rather finishing existing ones. I could not agree more strongly. With the exception of additional Crom goodies, if I could offer one piece of feedback to our dev team, that would be it. I would politely say let us add crossbows back in, implement the mummy of the ring, stop the cheating, fix invisible assets, and broken thrall pots & pet feed boxes. Lets get this amazing game into a well polished state.


Just be mindful to adjust tactics when confronted with persistent set backs.
Sometimes the skull gives before the brick wall.

Of course, for those on PC, there’s probably a mod for having a story complete game with such desired features.

Just like there is probably a mod for a way to remove the bracelet on Siptah…

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A mod to fix the lore gaps would be great. I’d hope for Funcom to implement some gap closers “officially”, as it doesn’t seem to be all that much effort. Even just putting some books and notes around the world would be a fix - lackluster, but still a fix.

There’d certainly be volunteers to write any missing pieces, including me.

There are some obvious gaps in the story:

  • Who was Imi? A stillborn sister of Xalthar?
  • Where did Xalthar go and why?
  • Who where the followers of Sobek before settling down in that cave? Exiles? Later immigrants? Survivors of the Giant King era? What’s the timeline here?
  • Where (and why) did Razma acquire the Mask of the Witch Queen? How is she alive in Sepermeru after being killed in the Witch Queen’s Palace?
  • Who was Gallaman? Why did he have a part of the sandstone?
  • Why are there ships in the tunnel between the jungle and the snow biome!?

The lore could also profit from some additions:

  • Why are there no children in the Exiled Lands?
  • Are all humans in the Exiled Lands (except Conan) exiles brought there by Toth-Amon and given bracelets, or are some tribes or NPCs survivors of the era of the Giant Kings, e. g. the Lemurians found in the Sunken City?
  • Are the Lemurians living in the jungle actual Lemurians? If so… how!? If not… why and how did they adopt their culture and apparently regained some of their ancient knowledge (e. g. epic lemurian armor)?
  • How long ago was the war of the Giant Kings and the humans?
  • What’s up with the Frost Giants?
  • Why are there giant skeletons? Are they undead Giant Kings or undead hybrids like Tyros?
  • There’s also this thing with the sun. :wink: @Jimbo

And so much more…

But that one little ghost would be a start. It’s explicitly referenced in the game as if our character(s) had seen it, but they didn’t.

I also want to state at this point that I never heard any demonic voices at Imi’s cradle.


Not the only missing ghost.


Removed after testing…
Official and private are often the same, but sometimes, some glitches are private servers exclusive :frowning:

I wonder who is going to make the “lore fixes”, the people who constantly go around making posts that show the completely ignorance of the lore, or find the things which are giving errors in the game code and just fix them and accept Funcom does know the lore of the game.

Because from people who claims “Conan Movie is Canon because Valeira” when Valeira is a very REH original character, butchered by the movie, but still a “original Character”, to people saying that Siptah does not exist in REH original, I see a lot of people saying “Funcom doesnt know the lore because” and proceed to prove they know only the IMDB user synopsis of the Arnold movie.

That’s something of an awkward question.
Regardless of certain wibbles this one might have, this game used to have, on the developer side, someone who was very much a REH purist with more than a little pull.

This one thinks that was Joel Bylos?
But it has been years and concussions ago.

But then we get to perhaps the meat of the matter.
Is it better if it is done, even if controversially, and this the half decade+ old story given some closure, and the bug, as it was acknowledged to be at the time, addressed. Or is it better to just not touch it an hope for the player base to forget?

Going forward, with the Survival genre becoming more and more crowded with adjacent games that might tickle the itch, this game will still have it’s lore and it’s subject matter. No matter how many other build a fortress and enslave your enemies games appear, this will still be Conan tm. Doubling down on the point of distinction and appealing to one of the player bases with offerings of something they have that no one else can provide may be a tipping factor for those on the cusp of jumping to Enshrouded or Soul Mask, or any of the rest of the glut of such games coming this year.


This, Telith was there in early access version, and went missing by time it went to consoles.(aka Live)

Alot of Ghosts over updates went poof, some returned, more updates broke them. I’ve posted a list before… it seems to be a non-priority to fix any of them.

Theres a few things “Removed” and Devs couldn’t find assets, Several part of “Mummy of Set” that were part of game files. (PC users dug them up) Some of them went missing, and some newer assets attached to apeared later (getting players hopes up)
But they switched to new journey system. Wasn’t a real need for that one to be finished.

Few spots on Map, they feel like Locations or Dungeons, just never got touched up or added to.

Also alot of assets underground in spots of map, One of Updates long ago changed how map worked, alot of bones and random candles, plants can be found under map that were once above to,

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Yes, so many open ends.

Telith’s ghost is special in my view as it was explicitly referenced in the old journey system, even was implemented, but then got removed, possibly by accident.

If they’d add something to the doors in the Executioner’s cave or Gallaman’s tomb… I’d be one happy camper, don’t get me wrong. But I’d consider that an optional addition, whereas Telith’s ghost is a glaring hole that needs to be filled.

It’s still missing btw.


In other words, SOON™?

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Maybe Telith’s ghost abandoned the island because everyone was building on it?

Well. No new hints. From the few things gathered so far, I think we can assume that there possibly was a placeholder, as nobody seems to remember anything but the ghost herself.

I guess we’ll never see her (again), and that there never really was anything there.

It’s Iraq all over again. Less casualities, though.

Maybe 2019! I still remember the jumpscare i got from this ghost. And i wasn’t playing this game on 2018, i started it on 2019.

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