Giant humanoid enemies can 'grab and toss'

This challenging adversarial ability might not be popular among certain players but I think giant humanoid monsters should additionally be able to grab any fighting humans/players and toss them off to inflict damage.

I mean what’s the use of having a big humanoid body with hands and big strength if not as well be able to toss away ‘annoying small pests’?:sweat_smile:

Or alternatively they can ‘grab, squish and toss’ or ‘grab, munch and slam’ the human to the ground.

Of course ‘expert’ pve players might be able to see the grabbing animation about to happen and be able to dodge out of harm’s way.

Yet once grabbed, players can still be given the chance to wiggle out of the monster grab by furiously pressing ‘space’ or smashing some other button. Once successful, the grabbed player will be dropped to the ground.

P/S : This idea is inspired from the Dark Souls series, where certain enemies can really grab and toss player characters.

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I think that’s a good idea, but I agree with Shadoza, it’s not the type of game that I’d see with button mashing. In my opinion, if you are grabbed, you are grabbed. And, since it’s a normal attack, the damage output should be in line with the damages from the other attacks from the monster, not being a giant nuke. But it could be something nice, if well done (like, no button mashing :wink:).

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