Glowing skeletons have super powers

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: United States

I am not sure if this is a really bad update to the combat, or a bug. But the glowing skeletons in the mounds of the dead do not stagger anymore. This makes killing them a little time consuming. I have tried several weapons and they no longer stagger. I really just want to know if this will be addressed or is it how it is now. Just want to make sure.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.equip an Ax or spear.
2.find glowing skeletons
3.atack them and watch as they hit you back as if you did nothing.
4. Hit skeletons forever until it dies.

Hey there,

I doubt this is a bug as it seems to bring the wights in line with the rest of the undead minions. They can’t be posioned, bled, or stunned. Try using a shield and bring a thrall to be more effective. :+1:

Not a bug, they’re patched now, so they’re stagger immune like the other undead. Its a bit hard, but at least fighting them has a challenge feel as it should be.

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