God Bubble Inside the Maelstrom

I was thinking of this really good idea: Implement demonic protection and storm protection for bases that have a god bubble surrounding them. No demons can enter the bubble (in turn you could not kite them from your bubble) and the storm weather would not break the base so long as the bubble is activated.

Some kinks would need to be worked out since it currently takes 1 hour (correct me if im wrong) for the bubble to craft in the altar but i think this isn’t a bad idea.

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One of the key points behind the Maelstrom is that you can’t build permanent bases inside it. I hope they don’t change their minds on that.


One of the key points behind the Maelstrom is that you can’t build permanent bases inside it. I hope they don’t change their minds on that.

I also agree with that, but, this is an interesting suggestion. God bubbles are pretty expensive, and have no purpose in PvE. This could actually be a pretty interesting mechanic if explored. its been awhile but I believe its 500 manifestation for 36 hours of Godbubble. The time it lasts might need to be lowered a bit, for balancing, but keeping up a Godbubble is some difficult work. I’d support that. And gives a purpose for Gods in PvE.

Could even add an increased siege mechanic for bases under the godbubble. Eventually they’ll break through.

We already planned on trying to summon a god to wipe out tons of Maelstrom creatures.


Honestly, this would be even worse in PVE, where other players can’t damage your structures. Sure, they should give gods a purpose for PVE, but I strongly believe that this purpose shouldn’t be to give protection to trolls, griefers, spammers and overbuilders.

Have you used a God bubble recently? It only protects like 10 foundations. It would be pretty difficult to abuse considering the high cost and small area it protects. I think it could lead to some interesting gameplay.

Not to mention, it takes a Rank 3 Altar and a Rank 3 Priest, so you’d have to defend it and hope it survives to Rank 3 before a Maelstrom tears it down.

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No, not recently. I never found any use for it in PVE, other than “let’s do this once in my life so I can see what it looks like”. :man_shrugging:

Okay, so now I’m confused about what the purpose of the whole suggestion would be. Let’s say they change the time you need before your shrine is upgraded from T1 to T3 and the god bubble is crafted, so that it fits inside the time between two Maelstroms. And let’s say they change only that, and not how big the bubble is or anything else.

So now, at the price of 500 souls every 36 hours, you get your very own 10 foundations of surface area within the Maelstrom where your building is permanent. Why?

The only reason I could think of is to build enough vertically in order to get the Siege Elder Things to spawn in the Maelstrom, so you can farm them. So instead of farming for building mats, you farm for souls. I guess it would be easier and that’s a benefit you could enjoy after grinding the summoned surges for a T3 priest. The trade-off is that you’ll see these “bubble towers” gradually pop up inside the Maelstrom area, one for every clan. :man_shrugging:

Reminds me of that Laphroaig marketing gimmick that gives you a lifetime lease on one square foot of Islay land…

After years of Islay consumption, i may have enough land there to place a animal pen…

Okay, so now I’m confused about what the purpose of the whole suggestion would be.

The suggestion doesn’t seem to be like a full thought out presentation, but more of a “it would be cool if”

And I think it would be cool, it definitely just couldn’t be added willynilly though. It would need some purpose.

Just off the top of my head, its Purpose could be that it protects your building from the winds of the Maelstrom and npcs spawning on your building, but not necessarily the Eldritch Horrors. Giving you a place to defend from a siege of creatures that might last a maelstrom or two. This is just a quick brainstorm, but I think the idea has merit, implemented correctly, it could be a neat thing.


They just need to adjust the amount of damage that the storm and surge elders do and adjust the minimum building sizes for those two damage types to something greater than zero.

So what I initially was thinking was having the God Bubble option inside the Maelstrom would do a few things.

  1. It would allow players to build small bases near the most fundemental resources.

  2. The time it takes to farm a god bubble and the radius that the god bubble protects once activated should ensure no one can abuse building humungous structures in the Maelstrom unless they wanted to have x3+ god bubbles activated every moment which would take an INSANE amount of resource farming time for all the manifestations.

  3. If someone decides to abandon their base in the maelstrom, the death of the god bubble would ensure no one can just build meaningless spam in the maelstrom since the storm would just delete it within the hour.

  4. It would give players (especially on pve-c and pve servers) who have t2+ thralls another reason to go back and farm wild surges where t1 thralls exist. For example you need to harvest hearts to activate the god bubble and the only way to efficiently do that currently is to travel around the wild surves carving corpses.

There’s probably more reasons the god bubble inside the maelstrom may be a good addition to the game but I cant think of any more off the top of my head.

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So every 36 hours you would need to harvest 500 souls which most likely would result in many players not being able to get thralls from wild surges… No thanks :slight_smile:

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I mean that already happens. Its best to get your thralls for religions from Summoned T0 surges.

There’s somewhere else you can harvest souls from than just the wild surges. :wink:

Just build it in some active Leyshrine (they are NOT a no-building zone now, devs lean on Maelstrom to protect shrines from land claim and griefers).

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I believe all of that stuff is adjustable in the server settings.

Yep. I’ve already made my preferred adjustments on my private .

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