Gods are returning without important details

So Gods are returning and there is zero mention of how all of the thousands of currently duped Gods sitting in body vaulted inventories will be dealt with. Yikes

Firesparks has a great video on Gods and other upcoming changes in his youtube video titled: " Gods Are Back, A Massive Nerf To Thralls + More Conan Exiles - Testlive Update"

** Summoning tokens can no longer be transferred between inventories. As an exception, they can be looted from a player’s corpse.*

While they ‘might’ have attempted to deal with all the duped Gods by limiting inventory switches without death, it would be great to know if people can still access all these body vaulted Gods by logging into their body vaults and pulling their bracelet and having clanmates grab the Gods or killing the thrall they are on and picking them up. We need more details on this Funcom but for now, I have to agree with Firesparks- for a year in the works, the two minor changes to Gods sounds a bit asinine given they do massive amounts of damage and have been constantly exploited in this game every time they have been active.

Please do not release Gods until ALL of the details have been worked out as adding them back into game only to remove them weeks later after they are abused and major server chaos has taken place is a Déjà vu we have seen too many times and would prefer not to experience again.

If I am missing some major details released from Funcom on how previously duped Gods will be handled or additional changes other than the reduction on timer and inventory movement limited to death, please post it here.

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“It is a capital mistake to speculate without all the evidence. It biases the judgement.”
- Sherlock Holmes, in A. C. Doyle’s Study in Scarlet.

I know, Funcom’s track record of “fixing” things isn’t great, but it is somewhat irritating that a famous youtuber who admits that he hasn’t tested them at any length goes on and on about how it’s not good enough for him.

We don’t know, and have no way of knowing, what Funcom did to the gods “under the hood” so to speak. It may have been a massive undertaking to make them operate properly, but it may seem like nothing happened.

It’s like our company just did, moving from Windows Server 2012 to Azure AD. Basically nothing (visible) changed for the end users, but everything changed in the way the domain works. So it’s like our end users started complaining how the tech support team (which is basically just me) has worked on something for weeks, and nothing changed.

They don’t understand. You don’t understand. Firespark doesn’t understand (which he says himself, repeatedly, in his video). I don’t understand. Which part in there justifies saying that it’s not good enough when we don’t know what has been done?


Did you read my post? Did you watch the video mentioned?

The very first sentence in my post states that God’s are returning with ‘zero mention’, not that it isn’t/wasn’t being handled, just zero mention while listing two changes.

My thread is requesting more details as surely the two simple changes would be asinine a year into the works so provide more details on the changes they didnt’ list specifically covering how previously duped Gods cannot be utilized. lmao

Again, speculation that we are missing something and to provide us with more info is ALL that we have when Funcom releases testive notes with two mentions on God changes. :astonished:

Firespark’s did not suggest that this is all that is being done and repeatedly stated there has to be more other than what was listed otherwise someone should be fired. I even mentioned that if I missed changes on Gods other than what was listed by Funcom, to update here.

Correct, we can only go by WHAT THEY STATED THE CHANGES WERE which is what firesparks and I are doing. lol

We simply are requesting more information as we feel there has to be more than the two changes (those listed by Funcom AS the changes) thus the request for more details.

I don’t want to sit back and ‘guess’ what might be done under the hood crossing my fingers for the best only to have all my work go poof 20 minutes after Gods are released because the only changes done were the ones listed and now thousands of previously duped Gods from body vaults will be brought into official servers to wreak chaos. Might work for you, doesn’t work for me.

So again, I will end with my comment (directed toward funcom not you):

Please do not release Gods until ALL of the details have been worked out as adding them back into game only to remove them weeks later after they are abused and major server chaos has taken place is a Déjà vu we have seen too many times and would prefer not to experience again.

Did they not remove gods due to duping rather than being broken? I would place my money on the work done here is godcoin related, not visuall.

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I have thought of this as well.

  1. If they roll out the patch >6 hours before raid times, then they will all “decay”.
  2. For those frozen in time in a preserve box, you can’t loot, because technically they aren’t a corpse, and cannot transfer inventory
  3. For those in unplaced thralls, again, you won’t be able to transfer inventory from them once placed down, and killing them won’t count as a player corpse.

This should clear all those duped, frozen, exploited god tokens. But 2 and 3 we can not test , because i doubt test live servers have those situations where they can be replicated. It will take @Ignasi or @hugo to verify if I am correct in my logic. And if so, then those tokens are now a waste lol.


Another thing me and my clan discussed is technically i could transfer a coin to a clan mate if i pull bracelet, and they looted me. But that doesn’t do anything other than move the “hot potato” on the map to them. It does not allow us to artificially extend the timer. Thus,my clan crafts a token,we will need to use it in one raid cycle on officials. So i am good with the idea so far.

I do not think this is a God balance pass, as much as it is just to fix a couple of annoying issues with them. Doing damage inside the inner bubble, and artificial extension of the timer. They “solved” (because cheaters will always try to break it eventually) the hidden coin by removing the ability of anything other than players possessing the token. The 6 hours also works to deter duping, because most of the dupes were done at certain times of day (server restarts mainly), that happen >6 hours before raid time. Thus those will decay before they can be used. For legacy dupes, i explain that with what i think is meant by looting another players (player is the key word) body. Plus the undermesh/green fix that wasn’t yet released is still “cooking” and hopefully is released before. Most body vaults are off the map tbh, so making that area unreachable removes those.

Yes, and yes. Your “request for more information” was phrased, verbatim, “the two minor changes to Gods sounds a bit asinine”. That kinda sets the tone for anything that follows.

Firespark’s “request for more information” was phrased repeatedly as “I don’t understand” with a tone that implied that his lack of understanding wasn’t because he had insufficient information or insufficient capacity for understanding, but because what Funcom did was incomprehensible in nature. Unlike in text, in video you can actually hear the tones of speech. His was passive-aggressive.

Another quote to follow the previous one:
“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”
- Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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The same Youtuber who called for members of the dev team to be fired because he didn’t like the changes? Ya, I think people are WAY too influenced by what he says. That’s all I’m going to contribute to this thread, and any thread that starts out as using him as a primary reference.


Seriously, Funcom should take an official server DB and test it by themselves if they can still access the god tokens from bodyvaults/thralls/pets/whatever.

But… when does the timer start? If a body has been off the server for months, will the 6 hour timer start once the person logs in as I doubt (not impossible but doubtful) they have recalculated things to the point of timers impacting characters that are not active on the servers? This is not something that we can test and if the timer does start once the old character logs in and becomes active again on the server, the exploiters will simply log in during raid time. More details are needed here from Funcom on how this timer impacts characters not currently active on servers.

Although Funcom references ‘player’ inventory, we do not know that the transfer of God tokens from one inventory to the next will not work the same on looting a thrall as it will looting a player body and as you mentioned, this is not something we can even test at this point so we definitely need more details from Funcom on this as well. Did they code this so Gods cannot be looted from a thrall corpse but other loot, gear and weapons still can?

No, my request for more information was phrased as:


You seem very focused on this one statement:

This is ‘part’ of a sentence that directly followed the words: 'WE NEED MORE DETAILS but for now". It is also a factual statement: Gods have been missing for almost a year, only TWO fairly minor (subjective) changes have been listed on the testive patch note sheet by Funcom, and this DOES sounds asinine to me given all of the points I made so I am sure we are missing a few things here and WE NEED MORE DETAILS.

Pretty sure Firesparks was being facetious but if you are someone that simply dismisses every point someone makes (even valid ones) because of their writing/speaking style, you continue to do you.

As far as you jumping into this thread and commenting on a youtuber that was mentioned rather than the topic itself dismissing all valid conversation in any thread where this youtuber is listed as a ‘primary reference’, my primary resource was the testive notes put out by Funcom, not this video. I simply shared the information as this video goes over the changes listed by Funcom and there are plenty of people that will not take the time to search out and read testive notes but will watch a video on the changes.

As stated, my resource for creating this thread came from the actual testive patch notes put out by Funcom. In fact, after reading the notes and feeling I was certainly missing something on God changes, I googled more and this is how I actually found the Firesparks video and realized I was not alone in thinking we are missing some important information on the re-release (about the 3rd or 4th time?) on Gods.

So just to clear things up, my reason for submitting this thread is because ‘I’ read the testive patch notes and the two fairly simple (subjective) God changes sounds asinine TO ME and I think we need more details from FUNCOM before this goes live- period. Sorry if referencing a video someone put out on the upcoming changes confused you, I did not realize it would automatically disqualify all of my interpretations, opinions and request for additional details on the entire topic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

While I am not a fanboi or devotee of Firesparks, I do think he puts out some very informative videos on Conan Exiles giving his input (both the good and the bad) on content. This youtuber you are so quick to dismiss all points on does have my respect for the time and unbaised (shares good and bad) content he puts out and I don’t think I am alone on this respect as didn’t Funcom actually name some Conan Exiles game content after this youtuber like our Fire Spark arrows? :wink: rhetorical question of course

And that is the lemming society we live in. You hit why some of the “opinions” are not always constructive on forums in general. Video watchers prefer to parrot someones video and opinion, than do the work for themselves.

He never dismissed anyone, just that he does not agree with the fact that calling for jobs based on a personal opinion is a bit over top. Or that is how I took it. And that anyone using that as the basis (starting a thread by using someone else opinions or view) makes the rest of the post more of repeating instead of individual thinking. OR at least that is how i read it. And trying to defend the request as facetious from some one who knows they have an influence–i hate that new internet term–over others is irresponsible and incites hate for no reason on these forums. It really takes any amount of journalism they have and tosses out for over top op-ed instead.


good point. I did tag Funcom asking for some confirmations. I do know that food still decays over that time. It uses the catch up timer. My first guess is it will remember the decay timer, and all those tokens would be decayed on catch up time. Also, the chance that tokens are on bodies is low, as the token would have decayed before the body went offline.

I call that pretty dismissive.

In addition, my resource for the first statement in my thread 'Gods are returning and there is zero mention of how all of the thousands of currently duped Gods sitting in body vaulted inventories will be dealt with" comes directly from me reading the testive notes, not from the video I mentioned that goes over some of these changes.

? Watching a video does not result in everyone simply agreeing with all views of the youtuber they are watching. lol My point was, someone might not take the time to read through all the changes list in print on patch notes but may watch a video and pick up on all the new changes from the video.

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Leave it to someone to drag politics into this…sad

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You and I reached very different opinions on this video. Isn’t this the one where he willfully omitted half the patch notes, and then demanded someone be fired?

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His video was mainly targeting the return of Gods and the upcoming thrall nerfs (thus the title) and as far as I could tell, he did not leave anything out on the God changes which is where his facetious comment about firing came up. What specifically did you disagree with in the video?

I can’t be sure because they are vague, but from the testlive patch notes I would surmise that gods aren’t coming back immediately. These changes are just a step in the process.

Yea, I’ll withhold judgement until the patch has spent time on TL and reworked a few times. By then I’m sure we’ll have more details, both from FC and those putting the patches to the test.

That being said, there once was a time they dealt with massive duping by targeting certain items for wipe. They’ve done it before, and I’m sure it’d be a lot easier for them this time considering. The duped body vaulted tokens I’m not too worried about. I guess we’ll see in about a month.