Gorilla infant food

So I was finally able to find an infant gorilla and capture it without getting pulverized, but I can’t seem to find out what they eat, can anyone help with this?

So I’m kind of wondering if capturing that baby gorilla was a bug or something, because I tried Wiki and couldn’t find anything there about baby gorilla’s, I saw a few comments that mentioned that you can’t tame gorilla’s, but those were old comments.

that sound strange to me. never seen a baby gorilla anywhere. as far as i know you get gorillas using hearts at a chest at hanumans grotto. you get yetis there too

ah ok, didnt notice they changed it. on testlive or is it already in the live version ?

I am currently on TestLive and tried with ShadeSpicedFish and it worked. The fact that the babies are on Live and the wiki is updated makes me believe that this is also patched for the Live Client.


I found the baby gorilla over in the jungle, I had to search for about an hour before I saw one, it was near the shipwrecks (can’t remember the name of the specific location), up on one of the hills

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Awesome!! Thank-you I’ll try it

Edit: I tried it and it worked !! Thank-you very much !! He is so bad A$$ !! I’m going to call him Kong !! LOL.

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I named Donkey and Kong the gorilla and the silverback, respectively, I got from hanuman’s cave. :wink:

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