Great game but things to improve

So I like the game in general and was having a lot of fun in game preview.

Many things are not ready for prime time (like the extremely clunky combat) but that does not bother me too much apart from one thing…crashes.

In game preview I had maybe 2-3 crashes in 3 months on Xbox one X.

Last 3 days I have had had over 100 crashes. Its getting to a point where game is almost not playable on Xbox one X.

Please fix and thanks for a creative though not polished game :slight_smile:

A lot of times crashes are recurring from a single issue — so hopefully once they clean up a few of the bugs resulting from the Day One Patch, things will be a lot smoother on consoles overall.

I just dont seam to nail down what makes it happen. I had sessions of 2-3 hours without a single crash then all of a sudden I have 20 crashes with 10 seconds between. Only thing I managed to understand is that using a campfire makes me crash a lot more :slight_smile:

One other improvement area would be a que for a “full” server I have now waited for 3 hours trying to get to my server

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