Greatest archer ever, lol

Good thing I mostly wanted her as a fighter anyway :wink:


You know what’s crazy about that? She’s still way better than most Archers, even those with 20+ Accuracy. Except for Volcano Named, Relic Hunter, and Markos. But even if they rolled similar perks, and she rolled enough to push her over 50 Accuracy they’d still out damage her.

The hidden stats have got to go.

Freya’s Ranged Damage modifier is x2.205, the other’s I listed are x2.52

Fixing perks would have negligible effect on thralls. Look at the above example. She gets 2% damage with 6 accuracy. 3 accuracy per percentage. She would need 90 Accuracy to do the same damage as a Relic Hunter (and she’s far more rare). And that is assuming the Relic Hunter has 0 Accuracy.

Those of you who have been griping about bad perks, do you finally see the real problem here? Its not the perks. Its the hidden stats. Yes the perks will need to be fixed, but right now they are irrelevant.


Oh, I agree, the hidden modifiers are where all the true power lies (well, that and the equipment). My gripe with the perks (when I am griping - like I say, I wanted her as a fighter anyway, so actually quite happy with the result, just thought it was funny) is the emotional/psychological impact. Obviously, those terms make it sound way more serious than it is. But that feeling of disappointment - even though I know how meaningless it is, getting a bad perk still feels bad. And I remember, and have seen in other new players, the disappointment of people who don’t know how little difference it makes, and who feel like all that time was ‘wasted’. So I still think the perk issue is important, but you’re also right, it’s not meaningful.

One thing though, Freya’s got a very special heart. So there’s that.

I have a number of named archers, but am pressed to know what to do with them. I personally adore Mandughai Hundred-arrow (I named her Mandy Quivers), but it seems like such a waste to drop her on a parapet somewheres.


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