Grounds Keeper Thrall

I got a pretty good size base (I like to build) so I need alot of lights because its pitch black everywhere, however I dont need these lights during the day but theres to many to go around and turn off. If we had a grounds keeper thrall he could turn the lights off at sunrise, and on again at sunset, he could run around doing it or all the lights just turn off/on automatically. The reason for this thrall I think would help with stress on the server from all the lights. Just a thought.


I like this idea. I tend to love to build. Maybe also have him repair damaged pieces of your buildings so long as the parts are available somewhere in a box, crate or chest, (I’d only want this allowed on sandbox as pvp would create a huge unintended advantage) at 2x the expense if you were to do it since he’d be automated.


If you are playing on PC there is a mod called Better Thralls by Testerle that is really good and has a new thrall type that allows you to set light timers in a area around the thrall. It also has some other really good features.

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Thats a really good idea also.

He could also craft building pieces and twine instead of having your main char standing around doing it.

I play on the official server so no mods…but I am tempted to go and try a modded one.

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