HACKERS 1110 1069 all the servers most populated what are we doing to get rid of HACKS

This is game has alot of potential and theres alot of hackers people getting inside your base like they where the owners of the base. cant even sometimes takes screenshots on history of events. this is how you losing pvp players that like to play on officials.


It’s simple, you don’t play on Official servers. They are 5 tick rate lag infested, clan teaming, offline raiding, suicide bomber jar fests AT THEIR BEST.


Where do the hacks come from? Are they just hacks or are they “cracks” in the code?

I know, answer depends on access to client/server logs.

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to answer your question “what are we doing to get rid of hacks”

Nothing. The developers don’t even acknowledge the problem. Most threads talking about the problem get hidden and locked. Swept under the rug like they don’t exist.

You either accept hackers are apart of officials, play privates or you uninstall the game.

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Firstly, a thank you for posting issues so others with similar issues can also get involved. Secondly, see feedback from other responses regarding moving to Private servers.

Most multiplay survival games out there have one for of exploit/hacking or another. There are a lot of players unable to play normally so believe they have to resort to hacks to progress. It’s a ‘thing’.

When players spot hacks, they should always drop feedback via the bug-report link:
[and remember, (a) Funcom have been/may still be on their usual Annual Vacation right now; (b) Have a list of major/minor bugs/issues they are working through so it takes time to track, resolve and patch issues; and (c) release fixes/updates/patches via a formal process and in one go]. You can see via past Patch/Update notes the volume of fixes they deal with.

Post all bugs, etc via:

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They cant control their servers. my guess is 80% of conan are cheaters now.

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On Official servers mainly I would think - moderated private servers would be very hard to mess with as they get banned very easily

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Please follow the stated in the Official servers guidelines to submit a ticket:

You can read the full version of the Guidelines here: