Hackers is f...ing Up this game

This Game is great But not! when you use some time on a Base some Hacker just come and Detroy everything you made and One Shot you Easy… AM gonna Stop Playing this Game and say to all the ppl who Ask about this game and say dont Buy it!!!. BEfore YOu GUys FiX THIS MAJOR PROBLEM WITH HACKERS!!!

Hey Dew,

We’re sad to see you go and it’s perfectly understandable that you’re frustrated when the game experience isn’t up to your satisfaction. We’d love to be able to have admins on the 1000 official servers, but there’s a reason you usually see this in mostly MMOs with monthly subscriptions. The subscriptions keep servers running and enable companies to provide the manpower and needed back-end for administered servers.

Since we don’t have a month subscription we’re trying to provide features and mechanics that help with in-game problems. Sometimes that involves patching out exploits and in extreme cases we ban players from the game.

If you could provide us with some more information about what happened to you on your server we can start investigating the case and work out a way to patch it out. :slight_smile:

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