Maybe its time for Funcom to admit that the hackers have won


I think its time to admit the hackers have won, since the same things keep coming up as issues almost cyclically.

Under-mesh has never really been resolved. - check boards still happening.

Maybe its time for the game to acknowledge the hackers won on official pvp servers.

When I keep reading its tough to address issues because staff are at home, which has been going on for almost a year now, - its becoming a tired excuse that’s tough to buy.


I think it’s time that game developers period admit that the cheaters wave won the war. It’s not just Conan. Every game I have played in the last 10 years has been infested with what I would call frequent (subjective term) cheating. MMORPGs, first person shooters, etc.

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These are no hackers but cheaters that exploit a bug.

as long as they say “fixed this” or “fixed that” in patch notes every once in a while its all good

Even after patch there still 50 stat cause they didn’t reset all attribute
Body vault from the past are still there
cheater with ESP and they can stole your good inside your base thought wall… and kill you in and loot you 10 square away lol…

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I’ve seen this cheat tool in action as well. Battle Eye doesn’t help. It’s disgusting.

I have been on the same server for over 3 years, have over 4k hours into the game. Within the last 2 weeks our entire server has basically been wiped out. Its disgusting that after all this time there isn’t more in place to prevent it from happening.

Its not cheat its a exploit. Undermeshing has been present in the game since alpha version and will always present. The only way to eradicate it is completely rewrite the map.

Thank you.

OP cannot make the difference between a Hacker and someone that abuses the work of a Hacker.

By paying for a 3rdP program and abuse it, they are just a bunch of … i’ll retain myself from calling them names… but surely the Term of Hacker does not Apply…

Calling them hackers is just offensive towards the real meaning of a Hacker.

To respond to the OP. They have not won s.h.i.t. we got used to them being here. You know what happends with things that people get used with? Are being more and more ignored. What happends with cheaters/Trolls when are ignored? They just move on…

The reason why cheaters are still here is only because Funcom still receive money from them. With each Account Banned, 2 more are created…i do not say that it is right like this…look at Blizzard(biggest gaming company ever) and their World of Warcraft game.

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Not sure why Funcom just hires a few moderators to investigate reports of cheaters on servers they would’ve saved a lot of wasteful time when we were asking for this over a year ago

They only have to suppress the empty servers where there is no one and launch the available resources in the fight against cheaters. What’s the point of paying for 500 empty servers? Why instead hire 2/3 people who will only be responsible for problems that have arisen on the servers? Why not use system with ticketing support for more transparency. Don’t tell me you can’t afford it lol.

Thank you. I play eso too but I am ps4 player , few weeks ago in a guild group, one member send photos riding his horse out of the map, in ps4, so I cannot imagine what a pc player can do to this game. It is one of the most honest posts I ever read, Bravo again :+1:.

Hackers cheater what ever you want to call them they are exploiting game weaknesses in the code.

you can pick fly poop out of pepper over terms if you want to.

Most readers get what I am saying.

IMO it’s time for the devs to raise the white flag since they have concretely proven that they are unable to contain people who cheat.



no there is bunch of new plug to cheat coming from china the last 8 weeks allowing to do what described up and even more.


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Says it all.

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It’s always surprising how ignorant someone can be right? Lmao

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Yeah, the Exploiters have been ruining this game for a long time. Everytime a new Update comes out, so does a new exploit. Many of my friends stopped playing completely because of it. At this point, I think they are just adding the exploits to give their “Friends or Followers” an edge

I think you misinterpret the meaning of what he is saying CodeMage. I think he means to say that “Undermeshing isn’t a hack or a third party program, its an exploit that can be achieved using things that are solely available within the game.”

Just looks like someone who’s first language isn’t english. I don’t think anyone here is arguing that exploiting isn’t cheating, you guys didn’t have to have a kneejerk reaction like that.

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