Hackers on #3208 ruining game

Hackers on server 3208 are clearly using speed cheats to hack game. Running around double speed. Lagging whenever we attack yet they are not effected… this is killing the servers for other players

Have names and user IDs

Then report via the usual channels.

Which is how?

The reference above is to ‘HACKERS ON SERVER #3208’ and that is for the Players Helping Players and.or BUGS channels, stating server name and player IDs where possible, BUT also check the overall reports on the server you are on.
Official Live PvP and PvE servers are almost a free-for-all in most cases. Raiding and bullying appears to be the norm unless some big clan moderates the server they are on themselves. All online multiplayer games appear to reflect the awesomeness that is human nature when established social mores are removed.
Find an official server that’s actively Admin moderated (good luck);
Find an official server that has a Clan you like and join that;
Move to a suitable Private server (search for that);
Get a private server yourself and invite friends. you are then the Admin and can police it yourself.
Finally, if you have experienced the sheer unpleasantness of exploiters/griefers/rampant-raids then be sure not to join that club yourself when you are in a big enough clan…

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