Half of my Building ist Away also wheel of pain with all lvl4 thralls

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I started the Game right Now and what i see is absolutely horrible. Half of my House is Away ans my wheel of pain with all lvl 4 thralls in kg is also not there! Now Cold thus happen wenn i am offline? Thats a Joke ? I Take so much Time for tze lvl4 thralls the nearly finished when i went Off ans Now Everything is Away.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

This has happened to me … I was literally in the game no longer then 12 hours ago and I know that my clan mates were online less then 6 hours ago and half of our crafting area is gone!! Nothing in the event log! I’m fuming because I spent a long time perfecting it let alone all the stuff we lost due to the floors disappearing and demolishing the chests?! Wtf

I think thus was the Purge. My Purge meter is cleared. I thought tze Purge only come when you are online ans only in a Clan. I am Not in a clan because the interaction menu dont Show up when my buddy wants to invite me. I angry because the lvl4 thralls need 24h in the wheel of pain and it was nearly finished when i went off yesterday