Halloween Incoming Oct 31st




Also agreed.

And that’s my point, too. Let’s stick to the Conan theme of the game.



We have a ton of spooky things already. They could easily be added on a larger scope.


If possible Funcom could make the ghosts that spawn to show us locations, books etc turn into those glowing skeletons and attack us during Halloween.
They could replace some or all of the spawning purges with a variety of undead spawns of various levels … from the easier to kill undead types for the “beginner” areas to the undead dragon spawns in more advanced areas that normally would not get them.

If possible, they could make corpses randomly rise from the dead as skeletons or ghouls. That is, we kill an NPC and there is a random chance that until their corpse despawns or is destroyed by a player that it rises from the dead to attack us.


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