Halloween Incoming Oct 31st

Please add Pumpkins for Halloween. :slight_smile:


Please do not add Pumpkins for Halloween. If there’s going to be a “holiday”, make it lore-friendly to the world of Conan (not 21st century celebrations).


Totally agree

:+1: Also totally agree with OP! Pumpkins have been around forever. You could add them to cooking and growing! He didn’t say jackolanterns! geez. Apples would be cool too. Find them in the Northern biome maybe. You could also not bother with them if you don’t want them.

Oh god no, imagine the random bugs that would come other that


Lol now you are making me hungry for apple and pumpkin pie two of my many favourite kinds of pie.

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Please fix the game for Halloween, or Christmas…or…just fix the game.


Correct. He said “Halloween”. He’s focused on the holiday (both in the title and in the accompanying post description), not expanding the cooking mechanic in the game. Stay on topic, @JackCast. The issue isn’t the history of a particular melon which may have grown in the region.

:rofl: Not changing the topic yo! I’m adding to the general discussion and suggestion. You stated your opinion and I stated mine. Not everyone’s against adding things to the game’s lore or not. I agree with the OP, you don’t. In the end, it’s just a game!

I can support Halloween if they reciprocate with a Santi Claws too.

Santi can be the boss and dragons can be his reindeer. - make it a seasonal map expansion in the north that starts December 15th and goes away after Jan 5th.

That can be done I am sure.

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Jens let slip, stream before last, that there will be holiday events, and he and Tascha opened a thread on the forums asking people for what they wanted out of holiday events. So I think that it’s pretty likely that we’re going to get holiday events.

Given that tomorrow is October 1st and nothing Halloween related has shown up on Testlive yet, I seriously wonder if the Halloween event will be finished in time to roll it out this year – but it’s certainly possible, and if we don’t see one this year, I think it’s safe to say that there will be one next year.


I’d rather see the Witch Queen summon undead all around the map. Different levels for different locations. She could then send them roving to bring her back whatever it is she wants.

It’s thematic.

Could usher in sorcery wink wink

Like the Witch Queen summoning the Silent Legion to Purge everyone like a mass event (different levels of Silent Legion purges for different areas)? Yeah, that’s thematic. Interesting idea.

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Bah! Humbug!
Wrong holiday? :wink:

i want cows for halloween

What kind of cows?
We’ve got Angus, Barzona, Carora, Devon, English Longhorn, Florida Cracker, Gaolao, Hanwoo, Icelandic, Jarmelista, Kankrej, Limousin, Madura, N’Dama, Ongole, Podolica, Qinchuan, Raramuri Criollo, Sahiwal, Tasmanian Grey, Umblachery, Vaynol, Wagyu, Xingjiang Brown, Yurino and Zubron cows.
From A to Z, when you wanna wrangle call Cows-R-Us for all your cattle needs and breeds! :smiley:
(Holy crap there are a ****load of cattle breeds)

there is no cow level

(until there is)

Totally agree

+1 lol

Well, for the record Halloween is not a 21st century celebration, not even close. Nor is it originally an American holiday any more than Christmas is (though just like Christmas a lot of the modern form, particularly in pop culture, is Americanized).

That said, there’s plenty of scope within Conan Exiles to do “something spooky” without bright orange pumpkins. It wouldn’t ruin anything for me if it happened, but it’s clearly an issue for a lot of people.