Hammer and Mace of Thag need a buff

The Hammer of Thag is special, unlike the other two Thag weapons, it has only a 1% drop rate. Combined with Thag’s 1-hour respawn, that makes it the rarest weapon drop in the game.

But its stats are a joke. They weren’t even buffed with the Age of War like most legendary weapons.

Prior to AoW, it had 65 damage, post-AoW, it is 65 light/65 heavy. The exact same and no unique status effects added.

If a weapon is as rare as the Hammer of Thag, then it should be worth getting.

While the Mace of Thag is not quite as rare as the Hammer, it received basically the same treatment.

Prior to AoW, it had 48 damage, post-AoW, it is 46 light/50 heavy with no unique effects.



true, we have the ghoul club on the island of siptah that shares the same skin as her, and the ghoul club is better than her, for now our best club is the moment, I use it with fencing equipment and it goes to 95 atk

I made an error on the original post, saying the Mace of Thag was the rarest weapon, but it is the Hammer of Thag that is, however my point that the Mace needed a buff is still correct, but now I realize that the Hammer does too. I have rewritten the post to reflect the correction.

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