Hard Lags - impossible to play

I have the same problem on my server, many times players stay logged in and can’t move for a while, please fix this!

Is it happening to every player? I’m glad to hear that. While the problem was just with me and few other players, nothing had been done. Now that it affects more players, maybe FC will do something.

I have 2-3 days till one of my bases decays.

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Theres also a lot of people dying by just going into caves. Some people said emotes let you break out of the rubber banding. Try that. Hope you can save your bases.

I’m downloading RDR2 again, it’s impossível to play Conan Exiles with the extreme lags and now those new troubleshoots. I will wait for next fix. If it doesn’t be available soon, my bases will decay for sure. @Hugo, stop decay or increase decay time on oficial servers while those problem are not solved, please.

After some effort and using the trick @Fire mentioned (emotes), I was able to leave my main base and I could save 3 of my other bases from decay, but the 4th was “raided” by some player that destroyed all my crafting stations and chests (because decay timer had elapsed) and stolen all my itens. ALL MY ITENS. It’s a shame how FC lets its players to have bad experiences like that in the game. I play PvE because I don’t want my itens to be stolen, and then this happens because I couldn’t play for technical issues. It’s a shame a game doesn’t work properly in a console plataform it’s sold for. Seriously, all I want today is my money back and never play this game again. Hours lost playing the game just to have all my effort stolen because FC can’t make simple game mechanics to work and doesn’t do nothing to help players (Is it so difficult just to stop decay timer till fix the game?)

In about 1 hour and a half, besides the lag problem and rubber banding in my base, I experienced 3 other ridiculous and unbelievable problems in the game:

All fast travels ends like this:

There are plenty of itens now that I can’t move to my inventory

All of my 17 explosive arrows just disapeared with one shot (the display message “Sem munição” means “out of ammo”)

Better to release a new paid map instead of make the game works properly, right? No, wrong! I’m tired of this game, tired of its bugs, tired of the lack of player support.

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