Heating / Cooling buildings in Conan Exiles

I have gone through the wiki.
I have gone through reddit.
But answeres are few and scarce.

Does anyone know what items heats/cools your building?

So far here is my current list of stuff that heats / cools down your building:
Cooling structures:
Reinforced Stone
Aquilonian (upcoming)

Heating structures:
Insulated wood
Black Ice

Window Frames.
(These does not provide heating or cooling actively, they are passive, exposing the area to the environment temperature. Say you build a Box of insulated wood. Inside will be heated up. Add a window and it will cool down area close to the window as if you didn’t have any wall there)
No walls (Duuh)

Regular coal Tortches (Any kind)
Braziers (any style)

Glowing Tortches (Any)
Preservation Boxes
Witchfire Tortches (any) Provides the most cooling


Added witchfire tortches to the cooling list

Oh wow… thats some amazing info! Thanks for sharing it! I really had no idea about window frames and preservation boxes cooling down the area nearby.

What about the Wall Lanterns? Do they add heat?

Wall lanterns heat up the proximity area yeah.

Be aware that they stack in close proximity. causing rather large heating.

So far the most cost and effective one is witchfire.

Also due n ote that preservation boxes only give off cooling effect when they are active (containing ice)

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Preservation boxes need ice??? Would be nice if the wiki or game explained this… Or had a fuel meter much like a bonfire or drying racks.

didnt know this either… i was already wondering why mine didnt work…

note; i used them to store ice cause i didnt knkw where to put it so…

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I built base on the south aqeductus with reinforced stone, built there 6 enchanced furnaces and have health damage from heating. I couldn’t fix it by building 10-20 witchfire tortches

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