Heavy armor should have immunity to bleed

With the recent changes to heavy armor cost and addition of some powerful weapons (stormbreaker, jebbal claws and acid arrows) heavy armor is actually worse now.

You wanted to buff it but in context with the other additions there is no buff in practice.

However if heavy armor would confer an immunity to bleed it would become a real option. Its usefulness would still be situational. Not being able to dodge roll means you have to be really lucky with hits and finish the fight quickly. Otherwise the opponent can stack poison and bleed on you, because he can hit you easily, which will kill you. Damage reduction means nothing if you have constant damage and can’t heal.


I vote for this change


Why not just make the hop cover the same distance as a medium armor’s roll?

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I thought distance was (at one time) based off agility score

Im not certain what exactly, but it needs something…ANYTHING to make it a viable competitive option for PvP players. It may be a great choice for thralls, but for us the player, its just not really a viable selection in said mode.


Disagree, because it won’t solve the issue with heavy armor. Bleed stops people from healing once they put a bit of distance between themselves and their attacker. The main problem with heavy armor is that it’s near impossible to get away from attackers, and it’s also near impossible to catch runners. Immunity to bleed won’t solve either of these issues

My best suggestion is to just speed up the sidestep and give it more i-frames, so it functions more like a parry/dodge and counter attack option rather than an escape. Also if sprinting attacks were implemented for weapons to catch runners, then rolling to catch would no longer be necessary


It is possible to roll in heavy armour with the agility perk. You want to use an heavy armour you pay the price in agility.

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That price is too high.

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No it isn’t. It’s up to the players to adapt their gameplay to the game they’re playing and not the opposite. Because whatever the devs would try they’ll never be able to make a game adapted to every players who are playing it.
This game has set a price for the use of heavy armour in pvp. You want to use one you pay the price.
Personally I don’t understand why people on this forum are so obsessed with using an heavy armour. But to each his own.


People adapt by not using heavy armor.

The devs want heavy armor to be used. They tried to buff heavy armor in the last patch precisely because they realise it isn’t good and isn’t being used. That buff was not good enough, people still aren’t using heavy armor. Not even with an agility build. Frankly, it sucks.

If they buffed it by giving immunity to bleed it would gain a situational use. It would still have it’s current drawbacks, which would be an appropriate cost of gaining it’s benefits.

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Full immunity to bleed (or stunlock as it was proposed too or anything else) is too powerful. Partial immunity might works. It could be bleed can’t stack more than 2 or 3 levels while wearing an heavy armour, for example.

agreed, the attempt to make heavy armor more appealing was close, but as pointed out by @Barnes the minor damage reduction still isn’t worth the price. Perhaps another buff is needed

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1 stack of bleed is too much, because it counters healing.

Instead of bleed it could give cripple effect, same as bandages. That would be appropriate.

Well technically, heavy armor is heavy and thick… And getting a deep cut would mean you’d be SOL trying stop bleeding since you can’t easly move Plate, heavy leather out of way.

Bleeding should be worse in Heavy armor, since its in way, preventing you from stopping it.
Light Armor should be near immune, since you can easly reach wound and slow the flow of blood.

Real world logic has no place in a CE balance discussion :smiley:

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Sure it does.

Heavy in general is harder to cut thru. Which means it should have higher defense to bleed. But if you do get hit with bleed. Hehehehehheehhehehehehehehehe.

Light should be easier to bleed, but should have lesser tick per damage.

Well. In order to move any change through it has to be simple yet useful. What you are discussing is an overhaul.

Real world logic should mean that wearing armor (any armor) makes you basically immune to swords and most arrows unless struck in an unprotected area. Can you imagine the mess of trying to figure out how the various cuts and thrusts strike at game characters? Especially considering the very limited number of attack vectors we have.

Real world logic applies only when all real world rules apply to the situation; otherwise we’re just cherry-picking the features we like and abandon those we don’t like. If there has ever been a successful attempt in the real world to treat battle wounds by feeding the patient some roast beef, I haven’t heard of it.


Last week, on barbarian ER

:rofl::joy: This man has a puncture wound to the chest and a collapsed lung. Haunch and tea stat!

Nurse, get me 20cc of ambrosia on a purified water drip and order me 2 bags of aloe extract.


See issue here is everyone nitpicking…

Gameplay or Realism, anytime someone makes comment they gotta **** on it cause of reasons to one of those two…

Its doesnt have to be super ultra mega hardcore OMGWTFBBQ prefect…

Thats not how all armors work. Not even full plate mail makes you immune to all types. Cross Bolts to chest will still pierce, So will Axe or a Pike/Spike

Now you got me nitpicking your stuff…

Asking or mention realism…doesnt mean 100,000,000,000,000,000% prefect… its a comment to counter some peoples thoughts on there changes.

Again… heavy armor shouldnt make you immune, not of armors should, cause gameplay.
You wanna toss some realsim… heavy would have bleed issues, cause trade of is defense to take a hit.

Or maybe trash any ideas of changes to system, and just fix the items (aka more of them, and less standing still) to cancel or reduce effects.

Or make more tools to add to armor… but then were down that path. XD