Heavy lags in the game NPC's and players vs players

Hello all together, maybe you can help me. there are lags at player vs player or NPC’s. The game runs liquid no fps slump. Is there a trick to get the game going properly again?

Intel 4790K
16 GB Ram
2 x Samsung SSD per 500 GB (game is installed on it)
Asus Geforce GTX 1080 ti OC 11GB Ram
Internet speed fiber 100 Mbit
Windows 10

My Play Time Conan Exiles 1584 std. ( with these system )

How many players are on the server when this happens?

npc’s laggs, when already I play alone. Player versus player is the same Problem 1 vs 1.

Hey @Marloc

Depending on the density of buildings in the server you play on, performance might be impacted. If there is a lot of constructions in your LOD range, it’s not uncommon to see some stuttering.

the problem is constantly without a building

is there somewhere a config where you can adjust the Internet speed? or which values ​​must be set at 100 MBit.

Hey @Marloc

There’s some settings that affect that, but we wouldn’t recommend messing with them to avoid further issues. For the reference, here’s a thread with some of the settings you can tweak, but note the answer below by our very @Scooper pointing out what could go wrong:

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thanks for the fast Reply.
I have tested the settings , unfortunately no succes.

I noticed with the attitudes that the image construction of the buildings are faster there.
maybe you have another idea?

I recorded the problem with my mobile as a video. see link

Hey @Marloc

Apologies if you mentioned this before, but which server is the one you’re playing on (and recorded that video)?

At the beginning I could play well on the server 1312,1100,1114 - Level 60.
Unfortunately, it started at Laggen and so I tested different servers… I made the video with the server 1200.
Compressing the video quality has become quite bad.

Hey @Marloc

Just in case, have you tried restarting your router and flushing the DNS cache?
You can do so like this:

1-) Run command prompt as administrator
2-) Run command “ipconfig /flushdns” (without quotes)
3-) Run command “netsh int ip reset” (without quotes)
4-) Restart your PC


  1. PC reinstalled
  2. Driver all new
  3. Router has already been swapped from Fritz Box 7490 to 7590
  4. I Play not over Wlan but over cables
  5. Other games are not affected because everything runs smoothly.
  6. I have not already measured any package losses
  7. telephone provider line checked everything i.o.
  8. emptied DNC Cache
  9. Firewall off checked
  10. my guess is that a synchronization is not Right

Does anyone have any idea about my problem?

The lags can come from the servers themself. Did you try a private one?

yes, unfortunately I have the same problem

I see that your screen is connected in 144Hz, does your screen is G-sync capable? And if so, did you configure it? Also check if you are in fullscreen or windowed mode in conan

yes, even if “sync” is on or off I still have the Problem.
My Monitor : ASUS ROG Strix XG32VQ 31.5 inch gaming monitor (4 ms response time, FreeSync, 144 Hz)

Hey Marloc,
Have you found a solution ?


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